I intend to review and update this page, but for now here are the bare bones.

A Voice in the Corner is a vehicle for the stories, musings and anecdotes about spanking and all things related.

The content is derived from various sources. Most are just works of fiction published in the pen name of DJ Black. Other content features personal anecdotes, historical references as well as true, untrue and maybe true stories culled from many different places. Any good tale in good taste is fair game, so long as it has a sting in the tail.

Some of the punishments described are rather harsh as only fiction can be. I have used this joke before, but it is to the point to run the disclaimer that no innocent girls were harmed during preparations for this blog. It might also be worth saying to the inexperienced reading about the more extreme scenes in the stories, ‘don’t try this at home.’

Also you will occasionally find sexual content and a moderate exploration of many things anal. I hope both are handled with good taste. I should also say that even without a sexual dimension, sometimes the F-word and its fellows crop up. I have had complaints about this, but not many. I never use such language gratuitously, but sometimes my characters do.

So if you are new to this blog be welcome. Since 2009, I have had over 16 million visits. There are well over two million words of fiction in the archives and at least another 500,000 words of snippets and articles. So feel free to browse.



DJ and Mrs Black


52 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Elly

    Great pic!

    Is that really you?

    • 2 DJ


      yeah just playing around – although in real life I have a face as well.;)


  2. Very nice blog. Glad to have you on the Network as well.

  3. 5 angiewalkerblue

    Nice blog!

  4. Hi really like the stories and acticles would like to be on your e mail list

  5. 7 opieka nad grobami

    After a moment, regular commenters start to create a community. It starts to feel intrusive to insert yourself.

  6. 8 aimee

    I’m aimee from Spain, i enjoy this blog very much, its stories are like my dreams, I love my secret world and i love this blog. While reading it, I dream about finding my spanker Thanks for it.

  7. 11 Minnie the Moocher

    Hey DJ, thanks for the blog and the excellent story (mind if I praps illlustrate them – I’m a painter)? Will send pics when they’re done). I’m looking forward to learning more as I’m just starting out on this journey with first long term bf… getting tingly feeling just at the thought of it 🙂

  8. 12 Dave

    Great site. I am one of those men you refer to.
    Keep up th egood work.

  9. Given what you’ve written, please checkout http://www.posercpart.com
    It illustrates some of your thoughts.

  10. I always love your stories, and spanking stories in general. So I am heartbroken that related blogs ‘Discipline me’ and ‘Carla in the corner’ have
    been taken down or some other malady that blocks all of their content. Even
    the books Carla wrote and sold on Lulu are now missing. Is it a coincidence
    that all those blogs were hosted by WordPress? Are you next?

    • 15 DJ

      Hi Parentus,

      Carla is or was with blogspot who are notorious for taking down blogs without warning. No wordpress blog has been so treated to my knowledge and as you correctly point out I am with WP. So hopefully there will be no problem.

      Discipline Her has voluntarily made her blog private, which is why I took the link down.

      Thanks for telling us about Carla – hopefully she will be back up somehwere ASAP.


      DJ Black

      • 16 Thomas

        I too am heartbroken that Carla’s blog is down. I hope she’s ok. If anyone has any information, please say.


  11. 17 Raffe

    DJ, do you publish your stories, or you just post them on line in your blog? I love to read the rest of the story “The Prophecy”, and I don’t know if you have published it or it is just going to be posted on line.

    • 18 DJ

      Stories are published as books eg. The Russell Corner (more to follow).

      The Prophecy is a co-production which will not appear here – but may be book-published at some point. You refer to the Volume One on the Spanking Library, which has never been published elsewhere.

      Thanks for the interest. 🙂

  12. 20 gemini

    Hi I nominated you for the Leibster blog award..

  13. 21 Pat

    How do you join here?

  14. 22 Sam Boncor

    I want to email you – can you reply please?

    • 23 DJ

      under the blurb above is a link marked contact you can use that email – won’t spell it due to spam capture

      Thanks DJ

  15. 24 Violette

    I’m French, 29 and a spanking-obsessed too…

    [heavily edited early spanking experience and feels late upbringing too lax]

    When I started smocking pot at home in my room and then sleeping with my boyfriend while I should have been taking rest to do my best at university.

    But at that time my relationship with my mother were pretty tensed and my father never really liked to spank us, even if he sometimes did when my mother asked him to do so.
    Plus I was hiding my anorexia for several years and imagined that they actually knew about it (what wasn’t true).

    So… I have very mixed feelings because a part of me thinks they should have kept disciplining me so that I would never have done all the stupid things I did afterwards with no moderation (drugs, hardcore sex, etc.) and that instead I would have worked properly and protected myself from all the awful things I lived for many years until I manage to get myself out of all of this shit (now I’m close to graduate and get my MSc in neurosciences).
    But another part of me thinks it would have been regressive and unhealthy as spanking sexually arouses me… And actually, it’s the only thing that does. :/

    What do you think? I’m really confused…


  16. 25 Violette

    Hi again,
    I don’t understand why you edited my post in this way…
    I mean, maybe some things were “inappropriate” (difficult to know what is and what is not “appropriate” on this subject)…
    But now these edited sentences make grammatically no sense at all!… And the meaning has been lost: I was talking about my parent’s absence of reaction even in case of stealing at twelve.
    Could you tell me what was wrong with this?

    • 26 DJ

      Hi Violette,

      Sorry about that – it was nothing to do with your writing – but pre-18 spankings of any type cannot be discussed here. I did mean to explain further – but you have commented before I had a chance.

      I know all things being sensible our past informs us who we are – but for the purposes of spanking erotica there is no life before 18. I am sorry and understand your frustration.

      If you wish to re-write a comment that focuses on your adult confusion I would be happy to allow discussion.

      Many thanks for your contribution.

      • 27 Violette

        My point was to link who I am now with the way I was raised. I can’t separate my life in two parts (before & after 18 year old)… It’s just not true…
        Anyway, I also see your point, we want a consensual discussion here.

        I am only trying to say that even if we’re neither fertile before puberty nor sexually active (in my case I stayed virgin until 17) our pleasure organs work perfectly from birth. I ignored it myself until recently… but it explains a lot of my turmoil, I think.

        But… is it “wrong”?… or just “natural”?

        [thanks Violette – again edited – some of the words you use are the reason I have to moderate this and you do not automatically get approved. Your point is valid but your validity does not trump the fact that discussion of pre-18 spanking situations or fantasies will be entertained. By all means voice your inner turmoil – there is nothing unnatural about you. You might try Sometimes A girl for the answers you seek or comment appropriately here.]

      • 28 Violette

        Thanks DJ, at least you let me express some of my questions and concerns.
        I’ll try this forum, may I find there some answers.

  17. 29 Violette

    But now I don’t know if I should try to repress what I like or just accept it, even if I perfectly where it’s coming from.
    I find no proper answer anywhere and nobody around me is close enough to help me.
    I’m in real distress, I don’t even know if I can have a balanced sexual life or if I’m definitely “doomed”…

    • 30 DJ

      You are not doomed Violette – many many others feel as you do.

      I urge you to visit Sometimes a Girl Needs a spanking voy forum which has a largely female readership and where they are prepared to discuss spanking and domestic history more readily.

  18. 31 Violette

    (note for the previous comment: “…even if I perfectly KNOW where it’s coming from.”)

  19. 32 Nick

    Exquisite photo re go away

  20. Well, maybe if I had read this earlier, I wouldn’t have mentioned in quite a few comments that some spankings in your stories are too servere for my taste. Fiction and fantasies can indeed take severity far beyond reality, which is good for both spankers and spankees I suppose. Sexual and anal scenes are in my opinion handled with very good taste. The ones I have read have not even made me blush 😉 This is my favourite blog and I’m looking forward to following its progress. 12 million visitors cannot be wrong – you’re the best!

  21. 35 Brenda

    Great site

  22. 37 deltawood

    Sorry about your problems with the laptop. Hope this week goes better.

  23. 39 Jen

    Are there any older moms from my who will spank a pretend daughter

  24. 40 Mr Modigliani

    Pleased to have discovered this

  25. You have a very sexy blog.

  26. 43 Richard Grassby

    Your readers may like to know that a new and comprehensive guide to spanking in the movies – Deviant Cinema – has been published on Amazon/Kindle.

  27. 44 Laura

    I’m a 20 year old girl and work part time and can’t afford to live on my own so I live with my mom and stepdad and they’re super strict and whenever they consider I’m disobedient my mom takes me to her bedroom and makes me disrobe and pick out a leather belt from my stepdads closet and get into position by laying on there bed on my stomach and then my stepdad gives me 10-15 licks with his folded in half belt.

  28. Just saying hello and greetings to all from a bottom.

  29. 47 Maria

    Does your blog also offer a forum for those who switch? I often need and occasionally receive intense paddling and caning from my husband or outside interests. But there are times when i need to pour all my stress into flogging a man and then having him serve me till i explode. I am far from the only woman who needs to discipline men. And if I may say their anatomical evidence afterwards shows me that they crave it, although men rarely accept the pain of the cane as graciously as a woman can. Childbirth and monthly menstrual torment make women hardier.
    Any are you broad minded enough to cover women who spank men?

    • 48 DJ

      Not usually no – comments based on posts and on-topic expansions and anecdotes are encouraged.

      But thank you for your comment.

  30. 49 Corner boy

    Absolutely love your blog

  31. 50 mike

    Can I provide corner cartoon for this website?

    • 51 DJ

      Very kind of you but we are not currently publishing at the moment. Thanks

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