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Venus and Mars


He studied the lines of canes that hung above the solid Jacobean drawers. In them, he knew, were paddles and straps and all manner of tools for his trade. The furniture had been darkened with age until it was black with authority. He ran a finger along its curves in appreciation, an echo of more […]

Our story began here. A bird sang nearby, a sweet accompaniment to the hush of the trees as they swayed in a light dance in the wind. Not that Mary noticed. She sat under the tree pretending to read a book as she kicked her life around in her head. Nor did she see Alice’s approach […]

Weekly Round-up


Firstly, my apologies for the lack of a proper Weekly Round-up for almost a month. Last Monday traffic was insane with what I suppose now was people coming back to see if it had gone up. I should have posted that it would not appear but up until late afternoon I hoped that I would […]

Vintage Sunday


More at All Our Yesterday’s.

Eleanor Whitlow blew a stray strand of hair from her forehead. At least it was not plastered there with perspiration on account of the heat. The heat, it was barely March, as she remembered it Boston would only have just seen off the snow. But Eleanor was a long way from Boston and as strive […]

Hazy Daze


These were sent in by an ex-sorority girl who wishes to remain anonymous. She wrote: “My own sorority days were beyond anything here, good and bad, and they went by in a daze. But I sometimes wish I could have them back, blisters and all.”

Our story began here. Katherine regarded the seat of the chair with utter dread. Both the rounds of her rather full bottom felt tight and sore-prickled, but that was nothing to the deep all-pervasive ache beneath the chafed surface of her skin that exploded with pain at the least touch. The first discomfort was ever present […]

Many thanks to all of those who have continued to send in little snippets like this one from Louise who dropped me a line with this little anecdote to share. She writes: We grew up in a village in Shropshire, England, as a whole mess of kids and neighbours getting into scrapes and pranks with […]

The Tempest


The sky had a purple hue and Tom Daly knew a storm was brewing. From the way the cottonwood was still against a turbulent sky, he guessed a twister was on its way. “Where’s Abby?” he barked in the general direction of the other girls. Mary-Lou and Stephanie exchanged glances and then returned a shrug. […]

Vintage Sunday