Never Too Old


otk spankingSome of you can never get enough ‘never too old stories’ so here are a few allegedly true accounts from the EP.

Anon wrote:

I received my last spanking from my mother when I was 19. I got a speeding ticket in a school zone and didn’t have the money to pay it as a I was a poor college kid and had no choice but to ask my mother for help. She was furious about my irresponsible driving and told me that she was going to spank me. I argued and told her that I was too old to be spanked but she insisted that as long I was under her roof that I would be disciplined the way she saw fit. She took me by the arm and led me upstairs to her bedroom where she sat down in the high back chair that she always sat in to spank me as a child. Then she reached for my arm and pulled me over her lap. She then proceeded to lift my skirt and pull down my panties. She spanked my bare bottom with her hand and then picked up her hairbrush from the table beside her. I squalled like a little kid but I never sped again! My mother and I are very close and I have recently moved back in with her as I am now going through a divorce. I am certain that she would not hesitate to turn me over her knee and spank my bare bottom even today if she felt it necessary.

Another anon wrote

I have a daughter from my first husband. She is now married. I have helped care for and support a few of my nieces, including helping them in college.  Currently I am supporting a niece who is 18 years old.  She does not live with us, but does live here in town by me in an apartment our whole family (extended family) has had for years for kids going to school to be able to use.

I do think that spankings are a valid and useful discipline option for girls these ages.  My experience with my daughter, stepdaughter, and nieces, and my own experiences growing up, has convinced me that girls do not suddenly, magically become adults because of a birthday.  I hope not to offend anyone around the ages of 18-22 or so reading this, but I don’t think someone really starts to be an adult until around 25 or so.  And girls in the 18-22 range, especially 18-19, can be surprisingly immature and make poor choices.  Even pretty responsible girls can have this problem sometimes.  My niece and stepdaughter are still subject to the same kind of over the knee, bare butt spankings I used with my daughter until she was 22, and that I sometimes got until I was 19 by the stepmom and aunt who helped raise me.

It is not always aunts and mothers who do the spanking

SS wrote:

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

As you can see from my photo, I’m a girl in my 20’s. I was married to a lovely guy who was always away on business. I was bored and basically, I started cheating on him. And my father-in-law found out.

While my husband was away on business, my father-in-law came around to the house. He confronted me with the evidence ie photos. He said he was going to tell my husband and the marriage would be over. I was petrified of losing my nice home with the swimming pool, boat, etc. I begged him not to. I pleaded with him. Finally, he agreed not to. But on the condition that he treats me as though I was his daughter. And give me a severe spanking.

I won’t go into detail here. You can message me and I’ll tell you. But basically he put me across his knee and spanked me really hard. He pulled my dress up. And my panties down. As you can imagine, it was extremely humiliating.

But he kept his word.

Anon3 wrote

I’m 19, I’m in college , I live at home, and I still get spanked. A lot.

It started my freshman year of college. I had been home schooled growing up and even though I had a lot of friends I never had a whole lot of freedom. So going to college was a big deal, especially because I joined a sorority right away and got to live on campus. It was the most fun I had ever had.

The problems started with a boy. I won’t say his name but he was a couple years older than me and really dreamy. I think I would have done anything for him.

It’s a long story but I ended up going with him to New York over thanksgiving break after I told my parents it was a sorority trip. And I stopped going to class. And I was on birth control because we started sleeping together after just a few months. And I was drinking a whole, whole lot.

Anyway, I got caught drunk and underage with him at a party I wasn’t supposed to be at. When my parents came to pick me up, they found everything out. It was awful. They found my birth control prescription and pictures from New York and a bunch of other stuff. I have never seen them so mad. After I got home daddy announced that he was going to pull me out of college and take away my car and computer and phone. I begged and begged him but he wouldn’t budge.

I asked Daddy to just start spanking me again instead of pulling me out of college. I’ll never forget the look on his face; he told me he would think about it and left the room.

It seemed like hours before he came back, even though it was probably only a few minutes. He said that he’d made his decision. That I would receive a whipping that night no matter what and that I would be moving back home with them, but that the next thing was up to me. I still remember the options so clearly.

“If you want, this spanking will be the only one you get. We will pull you out of college tomorrow.

“Your next option is to get spanked tonight and once a week for the next month. You can stay in school but you will lose your car and computer and phone for a month. We will continue to spank you any time we feel it is necessary as long as you live in our home.

“Your final option is to receive a spanking every night this week. You can stay in school, and you will get your phone and computer and car back at the end of this week. You will continue to be spanked whenever necessary as long as you live here.”

Then he told me to change into pyjamas and get ready for my spanking that night. He said I could make my choice the next morning.

That’s when it started again.

This another account by a Christian Girl

My parents are very strict. I was raised in a Christian household where the rod was never spared, and my parents made it clear to me when I returned home at 22 (I just turned 23) that I would still be spanked for misbehaviour. At the time, I didn’t worry about it — I’m an adult now and much less likely to do stupid things that would get me spanked, plus I couldn’t imagine it would be as scary as my spankings when I was younger. Boy was I wrong. The spankings I have had, both from Mom and Dad, since I moved home last year have been way worse than anything I got when I was younger. Since they expect more from me, I’m punished more severely when I mess up. And for a repeat mess up, like missing curfew or drinking, it is way worse. Also, since my siblings no longer live at home and it’s just me, Mom and Dad, I often get spanked in the living room in front of both of them, which is embarrassing.

Tonight, I missed curfew and had a bit to drink. I hadn’t even closed the door behind me when Dad took off his belt and told me to get my pants down. He put me over the back of the couch and whipped my bare bottom until I was yowling with pain. Mom just sat there in her chair, arms crossed, looking smug, like I was getting just what I deserved and like she enjoyed watching me get punished. I wanted to slap the satisfied look off of her face and now I’m going to struggle with being respectful to her, which is another reason I get spanked. When it was over, I couldn’t even get my pants back up over my swollen bottom. I had to take them all the way off just so I could get to my room, sobbing and sniffling. It hurts so bad right now, and tomorrow is church which means sitting on hard pews and my dad will probably mention what I did to my pastor. I’m ashamed to get called in to see pastor, especially since he’ll know that I was drinking and that I was spanked.

I’m laying here feeling sorry for myself and really and truly hating the fact that I still get spanked. Most of the time it seems a small price to pay to live here and have my parents support me through school, but right after a spanking, I would agree to be homeless in order to avoid another one. It hurts so bad I can’t sleep. I’m on my tummy, using my laptop.

Marie1986 wrote:

I disagree with Clive, I know I was occasionally spanked until well into college, so big girls are spanked. But what I want to know has anyone ever been spanked by someone other than a family member or boyfriend?

After college my best friend Kate and I moved to the Big Apple after securing jobs at the same company. Neither of us were prepared for how expensive rents were, even when we planned to share a room if necessary. Luckily, Kate’s older sister already had an apartment with two spare rooms, so all we needed was contribution.

Now Kate like me had been spanked at home and I soon found out that big sister Kristen had sometimes had a hand in this. After two drunken-lates, an overfilled washer-drier incident and a blocked sink, Kristen lost patience with little sister and Kate went across her knee right there in the living room with me watching.

This was a bare butt affair complete with hairbrush as my mother used to handle me. The only difference was that Kristen made Kate spend a good chunk of the evening facing the wall with her panties and sweats still around her ankles.

I couldn’t help laughing, that is until Kristen said that it was no worse than I had gotten at home. Well I couldn’t deny that, “Except for corner time, pretty much,” I admitted.

Kristen told me that corner time was the most effective part and that both she and Kate had spent many embarrassing hours facing the wall right through college. Later I found out how embarrassing that was for Kristen who was nine years older.

I told her I was glad that I hadn’t gone through it then. Then she dropped the bombshell and told me that given my behavior was not much better than Kate’s “it was never too late.”

I think if I had told her no way or something that would have been the end of it, but I became all tongue-tied and blushed. So about three weeks later I came home and found Kristen waiting with a refused check in one hand and hairbrush in the other. It was my rent check.

Kristen bawled me out for ages and then told me she was going to spank me. I sort of protested but it happened anyway. And I had to go over her knee with my pants and panties down while she really put that brush to me. It was far worse than anything I got at home and I cried for the first time since I was a teen.

Kristen was also right about the corner time. I was still facing the wall with my panties down when Kate came home.

Since then I have been spanked often, sometimes right along with Kate. I don’t know how weird this is, but weirder still is that Kate is planning to move out and get her own place and Kirsten wants me to stay where she can keep an eye on me. I totally hate getting spanked at 25 and corner time is a real bitch, but I think I am going to stick around for a bit.

19 Responses to “Never Too Old”

  1. 1 Bob

    My late wife and I raised five. The ladies in the home were subject to spankings as long as they lived at home. Our daughters were spanked on the bare bottom over the knee if they needed it, they were punished exactly as their mother was, in my study with a strap on the bare bottom. They are all are married now. The oldest any of our daughters were spanked was 23, just before she got married, she sassed her mom.

    • 2 Brucie

      Yup, that’s good. Spank their bare bottoms if they won’t behave. And at that age, there was probably plenty of bottom to spank, so that’s even better. Palm, paddle or strap to turn their naughty backsides rosy red…Yup.

  2. 3 Maria White

    DJ, check out my experience “My Last Spanking” in the group “I Feel Your Never to Old For a Spanking” (sic). Feel free to reprint it if you like.

    • 4 DJ

      Not sure what post you mean – do you mean the story I wrote?

      • 5 Maria White

        No, it’s my post to The Experience Project, and very much on topic.

      • 6 DJ

        Hi Maria – sorry yes I found it now – I will read it 🙂

    • 7 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      That you for that note, Maria. Although you do have to sign up to read it on that site, your story is one of the best of its kind that I’ve read. It would be interesting to know what that experience meant for you and your continued interest in the topic of spanking. Of course the fact that you’ve written and posted that story and that you’re here commenting, already speaks of a more than passing fascination.

    • 8 Jake

      Thank you for sharing that experience.

      I had come across your story some time ago and thought it one of the most intense that I’d read. It was a severe punishment, but what sets it apart is the detailed, unsparing manner in which it’s presented. It makes me wish you had written more.

      Did you ever talk this over with your mother, and if so, did she express any concern that it was too much? Did you have the same level of interest in spankings before that one as you did afterwards, or did that one change everything?

  3. Yeah, DJ , we kinda do like to hear those stories. Us naughty girls like to hear about the almost ‘grown up’ girls still getting it.

    Got to admit though that when I’m over a lap, or arm of the couch, or even pillows most of us feel about 18 again… Funny how that happens.

    On a side note to Brucie and Johnxc – hey guys I think you’re on the wrong type of site. Just wanted to let you know…


  4. 10 DJ

    On topic anyone 😉

  5. Yes, we do love to hear those stories although when I’m over a lap all of a sudden I’m 18 years old again. That tends to happen to a lot of us girls. It’s easy to feel younger when in that position!

    Btw – Brucie and Johnxc – I think your on the wrong site. Not to sensor anyone but those of us here like to talk about how girls submit. Maybe you guys didn’t know. Hugs!


    • 12 Johnxc

      Sorry, Keri. I suppose I deserve a spanking. Or would you prefer that I give you one?

  6. Bob –

    How long ago was this? Just curious. Great share, thanks. Did the girls know about mom? Did they ever hear her getting the strap and did it lessen their respect for her any, that you know of? They probably wouldn’t dare show it what with the fear of the strap and all. They didn’t want to trade places I’m sure!


  7. It took me a while to figure out what site this was referring to. Experience Project, oh I get it. I think all of these stories are plausible, certainly entertaining.
    I would still like to hear Wilma’s reply from one of your other stories D.J. As I’ve stated before your research and true accounts are my favorites. Excellent writing and research.

  8. 15 Mike

    Count me one of the ‘never enough’ fans of these ‘never too old’ anecdotes. Reading this batch I remembered an incident…

    Ahh, the memories, the dreams…

  9. 16 sexyglen

    I enjoy reading these stories please continue to write like knowing these ladies got the spanking they deserved

  10. 17 darrone

    Using the hairbrush to discipline an adult daughter is rich with irony, as mother transforms a tool of grooming and styling into an implement of correction and embarrassment.

    The daughter’s distress is increased by the prospect of having her panties lowered. While panties provide little physical protection, they offer considerable psychological comfort. Mother may be well advised, therefore, to leave her daughter’s panties in place at the start of the spanking. The subsequent requirement to remove them will add to her daughter’s distress and ensure that the correction is complete and comprehensive.

  11. 18 Site reader

    I’ve read these and other ones that are online. I think most are exaggerated and fantasy. Many are true.
    In college I knew a girl who was still spanked by her father. For real. I was amazed and very surprised. She tried to keep it vauge and I wasfr with her and her friends and was able to piece together the stories. Apparently, she was spanked at the end of the spring semester because she didn’t have her dorm ready to leave. Her dad had to pay a fine, spend hours cleaning and clearing, and rearrange flight times and staybin a hotel an extra day.
    I think I posted this here or on another site. It was really strange. A boyfriend was able to figure it out, and was really freaked out over it. The girl was very immature with very controlling parents. I think that they just didn’t let her grow into adulthood.

    • 19 DJ

      Thanks site reader

      sorry I missed your contribution way back.

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