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We all know what is likely. We all know what is certain. There are rules. If something sounds too unlikely, too good to be true even, then we know it must be. You hear stories sometimes, whispers posted on a forum and someone replies with great authority: “I doubt…” and they have spoken. Then sometimes […]

Since beginning this blog there have been a few comments and emails about the description of spankings. In particular, some people have said that in real life women could not take half of the canings and spankings described in an average DJ Black story. One kindly soul, who liked the story, said the category five […]

With so many blogs in downtime for the summer, it is hard to find any that are updating. Nevertheless there are a few diehard bloggers, one such is Ian over at Yeowch. Taken together with Yeowch 2, his companion blog, which swung it this week, he has been very busy. This week’s blog Yeowch/Yeowch2.

The above picture was provided by TipTopper and is dated, 24 February, 1961. TipTopper says: “The photo was taken at a local college basketball game. If you are not familiar with American basketball this is the set up. There is a court on which the game is played surrounded by a line marked on the floor but […]

Eloise stared at the booth and sighed. The sigh itself was a lie: A lie because it was her way of pretending it was all too much to care and nothing more than a bothersome inconvenience. The truth was the booth filled her with dread. The booth was an Enders Leigh and Steven’s deluxe punishment […]

“I like you, but you western men are all too soft.” This was said by a comely Russian blonde in the back of a taxi. Then turning round in her seat to display her ample round jean-clad bottom, she said, “this is a good Russian arse. Only a Russian man knows what to do with […]

Images provided by TipTopper.

With half the world on holiday it has been a slow week in the blogosphere. However there were a couple of interesting items over at Paolo this week and he has also managed to update steadily. So this week’s blog is Paolo in Dublin.    

Our story continues. The summer was halfway through and not only had Mary had two front page stories, but she had a good handle on the secret history of the Lanark Island Herald. Of course she realised that she could be tested on any of it at any time and the purpose of Mrs Bonham’s […]