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While the world was obsessing about 50 Shades back in January another BDSM mainstream movie slipped under the radar. The far more inteligent and stylish The Duke of Burgundy is a British drama film written and directed by Peter Strickland. The whole look and feel of the movie is retro 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic […]

Sorority Girl


Here is a Saturday quickie. This a poster from the 1957 movie Sorority Girl. Despite the poster there is only one off screen paddle sequence (the one in the poster) and that is depicted as a bullying. Although the girl takes it in good part and there is a suggestion that she deserved it, but the […]

This may be old news to some, especially Dr Who fans, but for years there have been rumours of a lost spanking episode of Dr Who. The legend goes that a serial of four episodes entitled Prison in Space was scripted and rehearsed to be shown in or around 1967. I had always assumed that […]

I was recently contacted by spanking author Natasha Knight. Initially she just dropped me a line to say that she had been following my blog but had never commented. She was kind enough to send me two of her books, Taming Emma and Taken by the Beast. So far I have only read Taken, a […]

Story reviews


I received a decent email from Paul D last week who offered his own review of some of my recent publications. It is nice to be appreciated, especially when someone parts with some money. Hot on the heels of this mail, came a very nice review of the Russell Corner over at Blossom and Thorn. […]

No doubt many readers of Pride and Prejudice have fantasised that Mr Darcy would have once just taken its heroine over his knee. And we can be fairly sure that even back in 1813 when the book was first published, this was so and that canny publishers were well aware of such subtexts. If not, […]

I first went to the London Alternative Market (the LAM) about three years ago, shortly after launching this blog. In those days it was still held all the way across London south of the river and was bit of a trek to get there. At first glance it was rather like a flea market with […]

Has spanking finally gone mainstream? Probably not yet, but yesterday in the wake of the 50 Shades phenomena, we had a review of a book about a female submissive published by Penguin of all people and then in the evening we had a couple of spanking references in a show aimed at young people before […]

Over the summer I had the privilege of being asked by a mainstream publisher to review an up and coming book, The Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan. So finally on Tuesday I managed to get around to reading it, finishing it two days later, just minutes before getting a press release from the […]

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake is a book by Ashley Jefferson, which like The Russell Corner and The Academy, is available from Lulu Books (see the link in the bookshop on the right). It is the story of an exclusive school for young people and the disciplinary adventures of three young women ‘inmates.’ The […]