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Raw: Strangers


Lieutenant Casey Franks stood almost five feet ten inches, too tall for most women on Raw, a fact that had almost cost her this assignment. However, Casey possessed one attribute that most of her colleagues did not; a single-minded dedication to the Matriarch’s cause. But right now Casey had another problem; looking about she could […]

Raw is a series of sci-fi novellas that have an overlapping story with many of the same characters. The next short story is set to be published on Saturday. As they are not strictly parts you might want to catch-up by reading the previous novellas in order. Be aware that each is around 16,000 words […]

Raw: Precious


A month after her father had died and there was still no word about the will. At first it had all seemed so straight forward. The Institute had been interested in her continuing studies with them and the house would come to her. Then it had all got complicated. First the Institute had told her […]



From orbit, she had assumed it was just an illusion, a trick of the light as it filtered through the atmosphere, but the sand actually was red, almost like blood. It was beautiful. The endless landscape of great hills of sand was a sea of frozen waves in every hue of red one could imagine. […]



There were only six of them where once there would have been hundreds, thousands even. But that had been before the Great Reaving. Back then there had been a diaspora to the stars and humankind had settled on a hundred worlds. It had been a new age when great star ships such as this had […]