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Weekly Round-Up


Well a good week for stuff, but less pictures. I guess people are on their holidays. Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking is back up and open for business. Kia is plugging a school for adults in Galway (that’s in Ireland). There is a completely unrelated picture above. I have patched in some old pictures this week […]

Indigo and I have been watching series 2 of Outlander. I have to say story-wise this is a woman who is a serial troublemaker and indulges her self-righteous imposition of 20th century values to any situation heedless of the consequences to anyone, especially her husband and family. From a spanking point of view a continued […]

Weekly Round-Up


On a quick business trip. Ronnie Soul has some blogs to look at. Pictures are from Richard Windsor, Gingerholic, Devlin, CutiePie, Acknowledging Imperfection, Stan and About Spankings.

I should have added this yesterday but I missed it. Indigo drew my attention to it at 6.45 this morning. But it looks like Pandora is back in business and her persecutors are out of it, having been suspended according to one report this morning. The press release on Pandora’s site reads: Pandora Blake, award-winning […]

Weekly Round-Up


The world still turns and summer is well and truly here. It seems everyone has something new for me to do. Speaking of new, Kia of Acknowledging Imperfection has a new book out, her first. I haven’t read it yet, but knowing Kia and having glanced at the blurb I rather suspect that this semi-autobiographical. […]

Weekly Round-Up


A bit tied up this week – a lot on. Here is what I have so far. Images from various sources. Have a great Bank Holiday.

Spanking is not the force it once was in the advertising world, for one thing it has to be said that in a vanilla environment it is hard to get away from the accusations of sexism. Also we live in less innocent times and such content is far too blatant. But the idea that spanking was […]

Weekly Round-Up


An odd week this, for one thing I have too much to do to linger here, although there is much to report on. It is just that is not from usual quarters. I ma not the only one who seems busy. Chross, who is still very much blogging, is slowing a bit due to work […]

Weekly Round-Up


Another week in Spankville and all is (fairly) well. The second volume of Strictly Women continues to sell reasonably well and as you may have noticed the 20 parter The Deal was completed last week. The mainstream and the commercial spanking world have collided. Bun Beating Fun have featured a mainstream actress (albeit using the alternative […]

Weekly Round-Up


Another week another round-up. Only this week we seem to have hit summer early in England, Indigo even got sunburned. Less than a month ago we had snow. LSF have published volume two of Strictly Women, now available for your reading pleasure. There are several more books coming up, thank you to everyone who is […]