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This spanking life is hard and I don’t just mean on bottoms. Being in charge when things go wrong must be like being captain of a ship that has sprung a leak. Hopefully you shouldn’t sink but it is worrying all the same. This is worse for the lady who is looking to you for […]

The prurient interest in flagellation and the cloistered nuns goes back as far as the Sisters of Vespa in pagan Rome. Medieval engravings depict myriad floggings of nuns, by nuns and not always in the context of suppressed erotica. If the images above are anything to go then nothing much has changed. Flagellation was thought […]

Part I here The knock at the door did not so much wake Alice as send her six feet in the air. She had been lying there for hours now, starting at every car in the lot and every footfall expecting the door to burst open any moment. But when they came calling she wasn’t ready. […]

When I was a student my then girlfriend went to France to study for part of her course. Whilst there she chose as a component of her dissertation to study the role in French culture of adult magazines and when she returned she brought back some bande dessinee (BD). These are French adult comics often […]



This morning I tried to broaden the search of spanking sites I look at to see what is going on only to find a few Tumblr’s closed and many old favourites haven’t updated for quite a while. Tumblr doesn’t surprise me, I have had two Tumblr blogs and both were closed without warning, no reason […]

Vintage Sunday


Part I here Stacy decided her room would be the best place to hang until the day settled in and she got forgotten and then she would see what she could see. She figured that anywhere that wasn’t locked in the house was fair game, after all Augusta hadn’t put anywhere in particular off limits. Only […]

As forewarned I have been a little busy this week and I haven’t had chance to finish the next installment of the Wolf. Fear not there is some progress there and elsewhere. Meanwhile I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ this blog. I saw on an unrelated forum […]



First of all a big thank you to all of those who commented for Love Our Lurker’s Day on Friday. I know many of you commented for the first time and that took a lot of brave. I have a tough week so posts here are going to be patchy. In the Service of the […]

Vintage Sunday