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Vintage Sunday


Part 1 here Carolynn wasn’t quite ready to face a hard dining room chair yet and made her way over to a padded one by the window. Her steps were careful and somewhat slow, but to an untrained eye they were almost completely natural. The previous evening she written out the first 200 lines of […]

The Bath


One of the best things about being immersed in all those bubbles was that the ringing could never get to you. She stayed just as she was, chin and nose sticking out of the rose scented bubbles, toe playing lazily with the cold tap and her hair in a messy top knot. The day had […]

Part 1 here Carolynn dropped into an easy chair by the door and offered John Dacia a rueful smile. “As forewarned I came out short,” she said with a shrug. “Thanks for giving me options though, you really took the pressure off.” Carolynn sat back with a calm resignation and cast a lazy eye around […]

Weekly Round-Up


I suppose this counts as Round-Up light. My main PC is still dead; well I mean dead as opposed to the faint hope that it was merely sleeping that I was holding out for. Do PCs get tired and have holidays? Anyway, excuses I know, this means that not only is writing on a mobile […]

Vintage Sunday


The S word


It would help if I stated immediately what the S word is. That would be an excellent start to my meander. Believe me; I have tried to do just that. Look I could write it here … However, I find that I am not ready to do so. I simply cannot let it slip out […]

The Deal


Property development was a tricky old game. One minute you acquire a decent sized tenement for a few hundred thousand, a quick soft shoe shuffle to do it up and in a few weeks you have a million quid mortgage on a property worth five times that. The next, well just about anything could happen. […]

LSF have launched the first in a new series of books based on Abraham Heights. Future seasons are intended to include all new material so watch this space and get Season One here. Welcome to Abraham Heights, a town well off the beaten track with an old-fashioned set of family values. Season One of our […]

Luckily no one has actually died, but my PC is kaput and I am having to update this blog and all else on a mobile device. Worst still, nothing is queued up yet so the Corner could go quiet for a bit. I will attempt to post Indigo tomorrow and a short story soon, but […]