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Story reviews


I received a decent email from Paul D last week who offered his own review of some of my recent publications. It is nice to be appreciated, especially when someone parts with some money. Hot on the heels of this mail, came a very nice review of the Russell Corner over at Blossom and Thorn. […]

Bikers, motorcycle clubs and the whole female submission thing is something that I have come across off and on for years. It has always fascinated me, but at the same time the open sexism, occasional misogyny and even criminality has tempered my erotic curiosity somewhat. Now it is important to stress that not all bikers […]

The clock was ticking like the counterweight would break free of its housing and spill onto the floor. It was getting on her nerves at any rate. Then every 15 minutes it made another racket with bells and chimes all screaming at her that the appointed time was getting nearer. All the while the sun […]

Weekly Round-up


How is everyone on this fine (very) Bank Holiday Monday? Two bank holidays in one month; doesn’t anyone in the UK work on Monday anymore? Summer is just around the corner and in London it finally looks like it. This week we have a cartoon from Stan, a cheeky picture from Devlin O’Neil, Brandi spanked […]

Sammie liked the place as soon as she saw it. It was the kind of house you saw in movies and the hometown cosy feel all along the tree-lined road had broken through her hard LA cynicism like balm for the soul. Not that she would ever admit it, perhaps not even to herself. The […]

These historical themed drawings were sent in by TipTopper.

In the wake of the college spanking post I heard from Linda. She is in her 30s and now married. She sent in this personal account. In her own words she says: “time might have polished my memory of these events and better shaped them for style. And some events may have happened out of […]

Rodeo Spanking


Sometime ago I was told that there was a spanking tradition at rodeos that dated back at least to the 1930s. Apparently rodeo clowns would select a pretty girl from the audience and give them an impromptu public spanking. Mostly this was for fun, but depending on what part of the country (in the US) […]

Weekly Round-Up


Last week I prematurely reported on the demise of Cutie Pie. Still not sure what exactly happened, but it is back, albeit having to start again. The picture above of Pandora from Spanking Brats shoot was taken from there. Season and Michael have been to England and have visited the home of Royal Navy at […]



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