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No doubt this unprecedented set of world events will some day pass. One wonders what history will say. Maybe this really is all about the Chinese trying to discredit Donald Trump and he really is the true victim here? Or did he just mean those incredible narcissistic words sarcastically? he must have done, surely this […]



Thanks to everyone who responded to my post on Monday. I was partly just thinking aloud and partly exploring new directions. I have yet to see any huge impact of C19 on the community although I did notice some of the new videos have people wearing face masks. I can see a reckless youth versus C19 […]

Given the current situation and intermittently having time on my side I have been appraising my life, this blog and other things. My life has changed a great deal since I started this blog, for one thing I got married. I also had a spiritual epiphany, moved house twice, got a dog (yeah historically not […]

Vintage Sunday


Our tale began here. Roberta had felt the burn of Jake’s hand where her bottom met the saddle all the way home. Now she was in sight of the ranch and home her tummy twisted up some at the thought of what her father might say; what her father might do. Her awareness of her bottom […]



Here is a quick round-up. Vanilla Spanking have a study in panties this week. The Spanking Emporium has a huge collection of vintage photos. Some I have seen and have carried here before, some I have not. there are also a couple of Asa’s own pictures – a couple included above. Other images are found […]

Many thanks to Rick who so loved my novella Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife that he commissioned spanking artist Sorenutz to draw these pictures (reproduced with permission) from a scene in the book. This 2013 book is still available if you wished to own a copy. You can get it here. The story follows […]

Vintage Sunday


LSF have published a new volume of my stories. So if you are looking for something to read during this time if enforced confinement you might consider Disciplined (Volume 3). With around 78,000 words, this anthology of mainly M/F spanking fiction features the 22 of my stories stories. Most of them have been published before […]



Community on a Tuesday… the world has gone mad. Still last week we missed it altogether. Can things be getting better? Social distancing has put the blockers on spanking outside of the household, so marital spanking is still in (and no doubt on the rise) and scene play is very much out. So what have […]