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Eleanor Whitlow blew a stray strand of hair from her forehead. At least it was not plastered there with perspiration on account of the heat. The heat, it was barely March, as she remembered it Boston would only have just seen off the snow. But Eleanor was a long way from Boston and as strive […]

Kate Francis had just gotten off the phone from her cousin Nora. It had been tough call and her elder cuz was not happy. But at least she had finally agreed to let Kate’s apartment and oversee the new tenants; for the meantime anyway. For Kate there was nothing much to return to Chicago for, […]

Kate Francis had been driving for hours and the short cut was beginning to look like an extensive detour. Why was driving America always such fun in the movies, she thought as she looked down at the air-con; is that thing even working? She tapped at it angrily, taking her eyes from the road. She […]

Henry Vaughn heaved a deep sigh and turned the letter over in his hand. He reread it for the third time in the hope that it would tell him something different, a futile exercise, he knew. Now he had a big problem on his hands. The heavy set man sat back in his chair and […]