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“How come only the kids get candy on Halloween,” Stacey moaned. Caroline rolled her eyes and prepared to repel borders. She knew when Stacey was about to sound off with another of her kooky ideas. “Why don’t we doll up all sexy like and hit the homesteads around town. I bet if we played it […]

The Prize


Our story started here. Quail was awoken by someone kicking her in the side. “Get up, where do you think this is, a hotel?” said a gruff voice. She was about to say of course it is a hotel when she realised that she was naked and lying on the floor. Quail’s eyes flew open […]

Or should that be reds? Here is a rare little Edwardian gem depicting vintage lesbian spanking and close-up of the action.

Weekly Round-Up


The Indian summer has been blown away like a punk making a LA street cop’s day. Sunday was spent picking apples in the rain to gather them in before they become neighbourhood windfalls. Incidentally the apples were red and shiny with moisture and seem to hang in pairs like so many spanked bottoms in a […]

Vintage realism


It seems to me that realism in vintage spanking erotica is rare. But the two pictures above are to my mind so realistic that they have the look and feel of a real spanking in action. Although this is highly unlikely, it does suggest that the photographer, if not the actors, were into their art […]

Been so busy this week that the posts, and much else is a little behind the schedule. I am often too busy at the weekends so I do often miss a post on Sunday, but missing a midweek post like Thursday is rare. Sam sent in some real sorority pictures which I publish without comment […]

The Prize


Our story started here. Quail woke with a start and at once knew where she was. The light was clean and white and beyond the windows the mountains soared into the stratosphere like islands in a sea of clouds. In her first year of college she and some friends had taken a vacation to the […]

The intriguing title was that of a sub-file on my hard drive. Most of the material contained there has been published before, although there were an awful lot of newspaper clippings about spanking that had been collected from various sources and would need typing out for publication at some point. The 1920s does seem to […]

Weekly Round-Up


The story schedule has got twisted out of shape this week. That is largely because two standalone stories (so far) have spiralled into mini-series of their own. Although I expect them both to be concluded in short order. Magic is moving on apace, but there is still the concluding part of Spankmanship waiting on the […]

The Prize


The Imperial was the best hotel in the quadrant and Letitia Quail demanded nothing but the best. Furthermore the great one-way windows afforded her an excellent view of the dock and all the pretty ships coming and going for her perusal. Quail stood with her legs akimbo before the one such window as she regarded […]