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Vintage Sunday


I did once hope to start a whole new genre of spanking fiction, but sadly it seems it is not to be. Iron and Leather, a collection of short stories steampunk spanking stories, is the book that has sold least of all. You can buy it here. However, most of the stories can still be […]



Still having trouble with this new set-up. I also seem to have a huge work load – so this is not a good week (or month) to learn a new set-up. I have added a new blog to my links, Spanking Muse, I like banner. I wonder how it will develop. Images this week are […]

Vintage Sunday


It has been a busy week at work so less posts. Also the CMS company have changed how the blog works and their improvements and simplifications are impossible to fathom and seem much more limited so far. Images are very complicated and every bloody link requires CCS type specified or some such thing. I used […]



This week Ronnie has a new list of new spanking blogs. Contemporary Spanking has a husband-wife realistic OTK spanking, along with some other pictures. Vanilla Spanking has a feature on Keep it Up Downstairs, a comedy movie from the 1970s. Asa’s Spanking Emporium has some great pictures, cribbed a couple above. The pros are a […]

Vintage Sunday


I have had trouble posting over the last couple of days. Nothing wrong my end, just some sort of tech glitch with the CMS. Hence Vintage is a day late,

  Part I here Warning this story contains very graphic sex John had been spanking Alice for at least 15 minutes and although he was only using the flat of his hand the burn put the hapless woman in mind of a spiked running shoe. For the first three or four dozen spanks she had gritted […]



Today has just a round of oldies and quite a few cartoons in the same vein. Vanilla Spanking has an article about Upstairs Downstairs and some stills from a spanking scene in that. The Spanking Emporium has some vintage shots. Kia has an article on submission and self analysis. Other images were found at: Au […]

Part I here Alice sat on the bed gripping the covers clenched with both hands. She felt sick. What had come over her? The idea of two men fighting over her was exciting, but the pain on the brothers’ face was something she never wanted to see again. She only wanted… wanted… she let out a […]