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We have just passed our 30,000-visitor mark, thanks for the support so far. The most popular single post so far has been A Mother’s Comeuppance, followed very closely by Lizzie Baines part two, the Lizzie Baines saga as a whole is by far the most popular feature to date. Spanked public schoolgirl lends a firm […]

A lot of good feedback this week, just to remind you, you can comment directly to the blog, but direct contact by email is welcome. Two criticisms along the same the lines has struck a chord. This blog tries to be varied and lately there have been long runs of the same story, Lizzie Baines […]

Angela’s story continues: After I had left David Ashley’s office I walked very slowly, taking pigeon steps, down the hall to the senior girls cloakroom. I took a moment to tug my knickers down and to look at a vicious set of purple ribs scoring my behind. Then I grabbed a huge wad of paper […]

The disciplinary regulations mentioned in this installment are real. During the 1970s some education authorities issued a supplement to them because what had seemed reasonable in the 1930s for dealing with boys was starting to look inadvisable in the 1970s and 80s when girls and parents started demanding equality. It was odd that they did […]

Angela’s story starts here and continues. Even three days after I was spanked and caned my slight limp drew a few comments. I told everyone I had slipped during netball practice. But if anyone noticed I was avoiding sitting down they did not say. My grades continued to improve and as always Mr Ashley said […]

If you haven’t been following Angela’s adventures the story starts here. Thanks for the positive feedback so far on this series. My grades picked up quite a bit after that. My English and history grades anyway. Politics, which had been my best subject, still suffered a little, but even here I was getting a C […]

It was about a month after my caning and my A Level History teacher was getting frustrated with my grades. My best so far that term had been a C minus. She told me that a C plus average would be OK, if not very inspiring, but D minus was not going to cut it. […]

All the positive feedback received while off–line has been appreciated. Here is another short loosely based on fact. I am now a respectable widow, I indulge in coffee mornings with friends and I am active in the WI. I was married nearly 40 years ago and until the Internet opened my eyes I had no […]

This is the last post for a few days, but there will be more before the week is out. What a great place to pause, we have just passed the 20,000 visitor mark and have average more than one comment a day since we started two months ago, thanks in no small part to lurkers […]

For perhaps obvious reasons there have not been any school caning stories on this blog. So this is a first. This story is inspired by two unrelated experiences. Firstly, at school, an older girl had to redo the whole of her upper sixth year. Her younger sister, who was in the lower sixth, took immense […]