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Weekly Round-Up


There was an old codger from a village in Yorkshire where I used to live. He would sit in the pub making mysterious remarks of wisdom while sucking on his pipe. Mostly these were platitudes and gems of faux rustic wisdom, but one thing he did say that I did not understand then was “Take […]

Caning at court


The figure above, possibly a king, looks rather like Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). He was a man with a strong sense of justice from a part of the world where the chastisement of women has a long and continuing tradition. It is not clear if this is indeed the […]

In the recent article on Steampunk Spanking I mentioned the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie starring Sean Connery. What you may not know is that the movie was based on Volume One of a graphic novel of the same name published by America’s Best Comics and created by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neil, Ben Dimagmaliw […]

Arthur Wentworth had come to the Institute at just 30 and very much of the mind that it was just another college on his path to higher academia. After all what use was a ladies college in this day and age; especially one that had such obscure ambitions and archaic methodologies? But that had been […]

Some time ago I came across a little piece of military history regarding the home front and the use of photography for keeping up the morale of men off fighting. Certainly by the time of both the Crimean War and the American Civil War photography was available to the officer classes among the British, French […]



He dropped into the chair with a heavy sigh and seemed to glare at her. He had something of a cruel mouth, especially when it twitched at the corners as if he was about to make a pronouncement. The smooth lines of business suit did nothing to disguise his heavy broad shoulders that would have […]

Weekly Round-Up


The sun is up and the sky is blue, well after the fog cleared, and the weekend saw a fine Indian summer which today looks set to continue. I inspired by my own article I read a steampunk novel (no spanking) and visited a fine medieval city for teashops and pubs. I notice that some […]

Here is a selection of vintage photographs that either have spanking or a hint of spanking in them. My favourite is of the two girls hiding their faces as if indulging in some kind of 1930s Face Book style prank. The spanking undertones are undeniable. Another interesting photo is the very grainy one that has […]



TipTopper sent another batch of artwork from his inexhaustible collection of vintage magazines. Many thanks to him. Here is a selection.

Nobody knew exactly what Dr Ebenezer Marley was a doctor of. He certainly wasn’t a medic and although he had something of an educated slant to his words, nothing about his demeanour suggested he had had very much to do with the great institutions of learning either side of Atlantic. Marley was neither tall, nor […]