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The boiler has died and sitting in the attic to write is untenable. Hopefully it will be fixed in time for the weekend and the pipes won’t freeze.

My Best Present


Indigo couldn’t wait this week so a day early here is her post: Darling, I know it is silly to write to you on your own blog. I know it is even sillier to write to you on your own blog when I have to send it to you first. I know it is the […]

I just got back and after 10 days without Internet I haven’t seen anything so I have nothing to report. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are all set for the New Year. A Voice will be back to more or less business as usual over the next few days.

Vintage Sunday


Merry Christmas


Dear Father Christmas, You may have heard some things about me. I suspect all of them were based on hearsay and rumour mongering and, as an ambassador for truth, I am here to put you right. You may have heard that I have not been what is commonly described as a ‘good girl’ this year. […]

If she were honest with herself she knew exactly why she was going to see Tom Halleck. But Amanda Moore hadn’t got where she was today by deploying overmuch introspection. Who the hell did he think he was anyway? What with his oh so perfect life and gym-sculptured body and what was it with those […]

For the next few days until after Christmas I will be out of contact and A Voice will be running on auto. There are a few posts and at least one story pending but some comments may be held by the automated system and will not be validated for a while so please bear with […]

Vintage Sunday