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Pinning Us Down


Still a little busy. Meanwhile I saw two ladybirds (lady bugs) in the street and wondered if spring is here. Not quite I fear. Anyway I remembered a cute pin up I saw of a girl in a lady bird outfit with a short skirt and a red bottom peeking out under it. Unfortunately I […]

Snowed Under


We are going away for a few days and I am working to clear my schedule so the blog will be light for a few days. There will be no Community Page Monday, but Vintage Sunday as usual.

Not as far as Maryland, but it will probably involve a Mercedes. I am just on a short business trip and will be back soon. I had hoped to queue up a couple of posts but sadly time got away from me.

Came across several exchanges where women were asking why a spanking hurts more on a cold bottom. There were many suggestions that a spanking, well-known to hurt more on a wet bottom, only did so because it made the bottom colder. This was disputed hotly. Jan writing of her experience in the 1970s said: “My […]



Busy week coming up. Work starts just in time for a funeral and New Year’s family visits (and being visited). Something has got to give. Hopefully the blog won’t suffer too much: there is so much pending, including a very nice little historical find. Not much to report community-wise. Above is a quick round up […]

Merry Christmas




Thank you everyone who has revisited this blog since the relaunch in August. Visitors have recovered to almost 55 percent of the levels we had before the hiatus, all due to your continued support. The Christmas slow down is with us. I noticed that about 70 percent of the Tumblr blogs vanished, but a few […]

As forewarned I have been a little busy this week and I haven’t had chance to finish the next installment of the Wolf. Fear not there is some progress there and elsewhere. Meanwhile I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ this blog. I saw on an unrelated forum […]

Having a Laugh


Days pile upon days as work and then business of life fill our time. Sometimes it is possible to sit together and still be apart while the TV communicates for us. It has been so long it seems since I just heard Indigo laugh. “You’re a poo-poo head,” she giggles and runs from the room. […]