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Ebony spanking


I have no idea if this title is an acceptable one, but following a post on the colour red and the effects of spanking a short while back, I had some useful and interesting feedback on spanking among black people (or ‘people of color’ as seems to be the common nomenclature in the US). There […]

Mary-Anne from Singapore responded to the spoof post last week by sending in an apparently true story culled from a Korean medical forum via Google translate. No verifying information could be found and the picture above is not related to this story. Also the text was mostly garbled and this is an edited clean-up, hence […]

Actually this story should be called ‘that thing you really, really want until you get it and then you definitely don’t want it anymore until a long time after when you forget what having it was like and you want it all over again.’ It could also be equally called ‘one summer so long ago […]

The weekend was somewhat busy and instead of a casual Sunday afternoon web catch-up, I had to leave it the Round-Up until today. Then guess who got stuck on a train in the bad weather? The picture above was snagged from Able’s Tumblr, but it rather sums up today. So no real round-up today. On […]

Vintage Sunday


Dateline Singapore 17 March 1976 The Justice Ministry has authorized the use of corporal punishment for female smugglers and other airport offenders under 25. The new initiative is an entirely voluntary sanction and will only be used on young women summarily convicted of minor offenses. With mounting pressure to reduce the Singapore’s female prison overcrowding […]



In the summer of 2011 a curious scene was conceived. A dark tale of a young ambitious woman and an old man who knew more about her and her world than he would ever let on. At first glance it was a simple caning, but it soon became apparent to the author that far from […]

Apparently (at least) one of these pictures is of a genuine corner time sanction (as opposed to a professional pose). Rather than just post it as such and provoke an immediate contrary post to spoil the fun, I decided to put up this and let your imaginations linger for a while.

Wayward Wren


Audrey stood at the end of the long concrete road with a sense of trepidation. The wire gate looked as flimsy as a Christmas decoration, but the seaman in blue with a 303 at his shoulder said otherwise. Beyond him were a row of poplar trees standing as sentries on either side of the driveway […]



The bags were all packed and lined up in a neat row of three, largest to smallest in the hall. The door stood like a sentinel beyond with sharp light streaming through the little square window set halfway up. If she peered through it she would see the street and freedom. Constance knew if she […]