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Tracking back on a link to this site, there was a discussion on naval discipline for women serving in the navy during the Second World War. Although there was some scepticism about whether women were subjected to corporal punishment or not, one of the contributors explained that WRNS were subject to a different code and […]

Over at the Spanking Library this week they are holding a spanking story contest. If you haven’t already joined, it is free and once you have signed up you can vote on your favourite story by clicking on the latest button. Just to make it interesting there is a prize for the first person to […]

The Visitor


He had been travelling for decades in human time, almost ever since his kind became aware of the corporeal culture on the distant planet Earth. At first, the analysis had almost missed the nuances of this complex civilisation, but he had seen beyond that. His field was order and discipline, but the revelation about human […]

As this blog’s first birthday is fast approaching, some research has been done into birthday spankings. How do you spank a blog anyway? It is not a universal custom even in the US and the only other place it appears to be common is Poland. In England kids get the bumps, which is known as […]

The Tutor


Roland Archer checked his watch again. Everyone was late and he could not abide tardiness. “Have you any idea why your mother is so late Karen?” Roland asked his young student as she stood in the corner. “No sir.” Karen replied crisply. Slightly apprehensive that he might in some way hold her responsible. “I have […]

The three junior midshipmen stood before Acting Lieutenant Peacock quaking in their seat boots. For one of them, this was the third time this week and the umpteenth time since the HMS Artemis had left England. When Mary Wells had taken her late cousin, Martin Wells’ place as a midshipman on board, she had not […]

Read an agony column a while ago that had a question about spanking. A woman wrote in asking if she was normal as she was having fantasies about her husband spanking her. She said that when she was a teenager she had gone to a birthday party and the birthday girl had got a birthday […]

Another story from the Rachel Kent Universe. It had been 22 years since Elisabeth had graduated from the Bainbridge School, over 20 since she had been married. In all that time, although she was only a few years older herself, Rachel had been more of a mother than a sister-in-law. Rachel had been there when […]

Years ago it would have seemed too fantastic to be true. Would a woman in the 21st century actively seek the guidance of an older man? Guidance that includes not only advice, but rules that are enforced with spankings. Yet these things do happen. The nature and parameters of the relationship can vary. Some set […]

She was a thing of beauty, taller and more slender than Marion had supposed. The Spirit of the Sea was just what Marion Ellis had been looking for. The only problem was that she was definitely not for sale. The Spirit of the Sea was a two-masted relic from the past and as she lay […]