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Indigo and I have been following The Vikings for three series now. You may not have seen it as it originally aired exclusively on Amazon and can so far only be seen on the History Channel (on cable) and I believe that there they have yet to show beyond season 1. The story follows the […]

An advert for quirts in a Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the day included an introduction for the ‘lighter’ model. Apparently the shorter ‘third-weight’ size was perfect for applying to difficult wives as it could be felt through heavy prairie clothing without ‘harming your lady.’ Perfect apparently for those quick corrections. A quirt is a […]

Ostara (often pronounced Estara) is the old Anglo-Saxon pagan festival spring festival with all its associations with fertility. In Anglo-Saxon England images of eggs, the March hare and other seasonal features were the norm. In some parts of England it was even the custom to gather bundles of twigs or rods to symbolise new growth. […]

The intro to this and another snippet can be found here. Kimberly wrote: I have been into spanking and the thought of being thoroughly punished for as long as I can remember but I didn’t do anything about it until last year when I was 32. To give you some ideas of my fantasies and […]

Another period contribution from TipTopper. Where did he go, I wonder?

Whip Sisters


Michael sat in the white-painted wrought-iron garden chair revelling in the spring sunshine. England and a newspaper on a Sunday morning, what could be better, he sighed stretching out his long legs as he scratched at the day old growth on his chin. Somewhere in the trees at the end of his manicured lawn a […]

Uncovered a whole set of vintage Russian flogging pictures the other day. The thing is, they do not look particularly erotic or like they were intended to be erotic. They are mostly judicial floggings of women of one kind or another and look either documentarian or cautionary. They will probably be published on another day, […]

“I like you, but you western men are all too soft.” This was said by a comely Russian blonde in the back of a taxi. Then turning round in her seat to display her ample round jean-clad bottom, she said, “this is a good Russian arse. Only a Russian man knows what to do with […]

John Rackham (1682-1720), commonly known as Calico Jack, was an English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas during the early 18th century. He was active towards the end of the era known as the golden age of piracy. He is most remembered for two things; the design of his Jolly Roger flag, a skull with […]

There are a lot of women visitors to this blog, so perhaps the title is arrogant or unhelpful. Or perhaps it is just aimed at the men. So ladies talk among yourselves if you are so inclined. Years ago Nancy Friday wrote two books about sexual fantasies, one on men and the other on women. […]