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Implements. To use or not to use? The other day over at the Spanking Library, someone was asking if there were any stories that featured just hand spankings. This set wheels turning.

Hand spankings are quite rare on A Voice, not for any particular reason, it’s just the way it has turned out. For some people that clearly matters.

There was another discussion somewhere, where a contributor said he disliked the McKlintock! spanking because it featured a small fire place shovel.

So the question is this, if it is a spanking do you care what is used? Do you have a preference or is it the situation that is important? For instance the Gift stories always feature a magic hairbrush and its journey through history. This was problematical since in some historical scenarios a hairbrush seems out of place, such as in the third story.

Also A Voice features a lot of caning, switching and birching. This is not strictly speaking a spanking at all, although in the US they may disagree. Are you more drawn to a traditional spanking or is any bottom-centric punishment your bag?

The final question is this.

Assuming you don’t have a preference, what is the hierarchy for spanking implements? Either for a preference or more importantly, which is the most dreaded (effective)?

The answer may very from bottom to bottom, but it is an interesting question nonetheless.

The hand obviously is the first and perhaps least dreaded implement. Then one may opine the humble carpet slipper, then perhaps a plimsoll or trainer.

After that we have brushes. The hairbrush, the clothes or hall brush and the considerable bath brush.

Where next, the strap or taws? Well maybe, but some might consider that they dread a belt less than a bath brush. And what about a paddle?

Paddles must be, size for size, equal to a brush, but there is no brush equivalent to a full sorority or prison paddle.

Then we have canes and switches. Experience says that for most people this is a whole new level and for many women a level they would never want. But occasionally a girl can handle the cane where a spanking over the knee will leave her sobbing.

This may be because there is an emotional connection. Pain is rarely the cause of tears. A tough girl spankee may be well used to a hard thrashing. But an emotional journey over a knee unlocks something. However, that is another subject.

Also, the birch can be both at the top and the bottom of the hierarchy depending on its size and how it is used. A full judicial birching is something to behold and not to be confused with Swedish love pats.

The truth is that the preference for all parties, whether in fiction, fantasy or fact, depends on the individual.

A Voice cannot decide, but will continue to explore all scenarios and implements.

Hmm… now what was that Canadian rubber thing all about…?

3 Responses to “The order of the day”

  1. Hey DJ,

    Happy T-day to all those who celebrate the holiday and love your stories enough to check in between mouthfuls of turkey.

    For me, implements or lack thereof are all about the context of the scenario. Whatever the medium, be it prose, film, roleplay or art, the implement is only as good as the setting and characters allow it to be. Certain implements fit certain situations like a glove. A hairbrush in a 50s domestic setting. A paddle in the drawer at school, in a sorority house or hanging on the family wall. A belt in the American south or a cane in its native English school. Like a movie where the hero defeats the villain and gets the girl at the end. It’s predictable, but it works, and that’s part of the reason you want to engage it.

    In a less traditional setting, the storyteller has to work harder to get the same emotional resonance that the old standards provide. Spanking films and photos tend to be the biggest offenders, because if they’ve paid for an implement, it has to get in front of the camera to justify its worth, regardless of the scenario. Though no one would mistake a spanking video or photo for high art, there is something special in those productions that retain that nugget of truth in their story.

    In a real life sense, I can only speak for myself personally. I’m only a top, and implements only fall into two categories. My hand, where I can appreciate the heat, shape and bounce back of the bare buttocks, and an implement where I can appreciate the spankee sacrificing her own discomfort for the sake of discipline. I mostly spank girlfriends and female friends who aren’t spankos and haven’t been punished that way since childhood, so letting me use a hairbrush or belt is a pretty big deal.

    In that sense, there is even more of a disconnect when it comes to store bought implements. If I’ve spanked a girl before, I can organically take that next step with a spatula, ping pong paddle, or any other household tool with a dual purpose. If I reached for some London Tanners strap, she’d stop and say “I see you’re really into this.” Suddenly we’re talking about my kink and the spell is broken.

    If you’re into the more sexualized side of things, I guess it doesn’t matter as much.


  2. 2 Sylvie

    interesting questions
    For me the ranking of severity and pain is like this
    * hand
    * slipper, plimsoll
    * wooden spoon, spatula, kitchen implements
    * small paddle
    * large, long wooden spoon
    * leather paddle
    * hairbrush
    * clothes brush, bath brush
    * larger paddle
    * belt, strap
    * cane, but it’s a different kind of pain and for me it’s something different.

    In stories I prefer to read about an increase in severity, starting at an early level and going higher. I love to read about fighting the pain as it increases until a hairbrush or similar is used with lots of squirming and problems to cope, finally ending in tears when ultimately loosing that fight (sometimes sooner than later).
    I always favour OTK over having to bend over because of more intimacy.
    I agree that pain alone doesn’t lead to tears. I do not cry easily and not always but mostly because of the emotional mindset.

  3. Up until the present day, almost all our spankings have been OTK. Whether it’s for play or for punishment, we both feel the physical closeness and bonding of an over- the-knee spanking is best.

    We each have our own most-feared implement. Maggie hates this particularly stingy hairbrush of mine; I tremble at the sight of the bath brush! For Christmas, we’re giving each other a cane, something we’ve never tried before. We’ll no doubt stand in the classic caning position when using it on each other. But, knowing us, an OTK will both precede and follow it (and corner time will follow THAT!).


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