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The Deal


It had rained all day and even the grass along the side of the path looked limp as if it had been drowned. The track itself was of hoggin and that too was soggy underfoot adding to the grey damp atmosphere of the dingy disused railway siding. To her left was a long graffiti-marred brick […]

The night had been dark and moonless, but now the eastern sky had begun to glow red in a challenge to the city lights around her. Even the traffic on the freeway had started to wake up, although the snake of distant cars could not be heard from her rooftop vantage. The body-hugging stealth suit […]

This is a racy crime drama that I stumbled upon on Google Reader. It is from the St Paul Pioneer Press Magazine on Sunday 22 October 1933. It is hard to read, but if you click on the picture above you are welcome to try. And if anyone does want to type it out I […]

I recently had a great letter from 74-year-old Ged who gave permission to publish this anecdote from his life as a publican. * I have just found your excellent blog A Voice in the Corner. I have a short true story from circa 1974. My then wife and I took over a Pub in a […]



The hallway at the back of the club leading to Mr Winter’s office was lit by only one 60 watt light bulb high up in the ceiling. This had the effect of casting a pall of yellow-grey light over everything and made even the most innocent of shadows look as if they hid some unnamed […]

He had chewed the cigarette down to mush and he still hadn’t bothered to light it. It had been three weeks now since he had tried to give them up. Oh what the hell, he thought and lit what was left of the soggy stump. It was going to be a tough week or two. […]

This is a dark tale and not one for the feint hearted. All persons depicted are fictional and not intended to represent etc… and no slight is intended to the noble English county of Norfolk. The Norfolk Fens are strange lands on the margins of Eastern England. It is said that here dwells the last […]