The Perils of Paula


Tuesday 30th November, on board the MS Valiant Adventurer

Dear Diary,

I had to bide my time last week as I was grounded of all things. Aunt B said I had to work my notice and I was not to go out until we were both ready to go home.

I don’t like disobeying Aunt B, I mean running away again when I was still grounded was very naughty and I expect I will have to be spanked again when next she sees me. But I mean to say, grounded until ‘we were both ready to go home’, I was never going to be ready and it seemed silly to let Aunt B take me all the way back to London again if I was only going to runaway. Besides, Aunt B made it clear that once she got me home I would be spanked and grounded until Christmas.

Eventually, as I knew it would, I was able to slip out and book passage to Egypt.

The problem was, I had not saved enough money for a decent cabin, but a very nice man at the booking office said I could have a deluxe second-class cabin if I did him a favour.

When he told me the favour, I said I would want a first-class cabin for that kind of favour. I hoped he wouldn’t agree, as second-class sounded good enough for me, but he did.

The problem with that kind of favour is that it is rather hard on the knees and you never know what kind of flavour you are going to get. His was rather spicy, but it wasn’t too bad. I hope Aunt B doesn’t find out.

The ship is very nice and conductors are much nicer than you get on trains and they keep offering to show me the rope locker, which is very kind of them.

There has only been one problem so far.

It started out okay, but then things got awfully muddled and there was this terrific misunderstanding. Well I still don’t understand what happened if that’s a measure of how confusing it all was.

I met this lovely girl in the ship’s casino. She was in charge of the big wheel game thing. It was terrific fun. Although I didn’t have much money she gave me some of the little plastic coins anyway and when I lost she let me have another go.

Afterwards she suggested that we went back to my room, as she had never stayed in a first-class cabin before. Once we got there she got undressed and started kissing me. Well I am not really that way with girls, but she had been so nice to me I didn’t see much harm in it.

I have to say I will have to check this whole girl-thing out properly sometime, it was quite fun. Then there was a hammering at the door and an angry man came in with the captain.

“See I told you about this girl. Both of them were in it together.” He started shouting.

I told them that I didn’t know girl-on-girl was illegal on board ship and the captain got angry as well then.

“Being cheeky to me won’t help your cause one little bit my girl.” He said.

But I wasn’t trying to be cheeky, I thought, but not being daft, I thought I should shut up.

Then the captain said he didn’t want a scandal on his ship so he could deal with the matter himself, especially as I was a first-class passenger. I thought that was jolly nice of him. If only I could fathom what the matter was?

I might have guessed what was coming, it always seemed to happen to me.

The captain sat on my bed and put me over his knee for a very sound spanking on my bare bottom. He only used his hand but it hurt every bit as much as Aunt B’s hairbrush.

While I was being spanked, the other conductor fellow started spanking my friend, who’s name I hadn’t ask I realised then. It sounded as if it was to be worse for her, as the captain said she would get a taste of his mates cane once she was in the brig.

For my part, my little paper friend, I am not sure what was worse, the spanking or having my evening interrupted. At least I didn’t get the cane if the spanking was anything to go by.

I wonder what I did wrong.

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