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Spanks Giving


Laurie was late. What is more, she had forgotten to bring the cranberry, her contribution to the festivities. She hoped and prayed that Mama Tobin wouldn’t mind, otherwise after thanksgiving she would be in a lot of trouble. Trouble was, Mama Tobin seemed to mind an awful lot. Mama was her late husband’s mother and […]

“This is too much please, I just have to sell, I am desperate. My husband… well we really do need the money.” Julia Cassidy pleaded. The estate agent leant back in his chair and sucked on his pencil. The foolish silly woman was beginning to annoy him. She came in every day demanding that her […]

Lizzie Baines starts here. I had noticed Mary walking dejectedly up the stairs and by now I knew that look so I followed her. As I thought, Ma met her outside the sewing room. Mary was red in the face and looked decidedly sheepish as she was led into the room and they closed the […]

Our story began here, if you missed the whole thing, and has been the most popular post to date. It finishes here: The party slowly returned to some normality and the hubbub of voices began to grow louder. Only Amelia appeared to take any notice of the plight of the four women. I say appeared, […]