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Have you noticed a deficit in posts here in recent weeks? That’s good. Because if you answered no, then you have not been bothered, if you answered yes, then that means you are paying attention. Well sometimes life happens. DJ Black has been away 12 days out of the last 20 in two separate trips […]

Fridday 12th November, Istanbul Dear Diary, I met this cute Australian boy on Sunday. We had a great time on the beach, although he wasn’t that impressed with the sea as he said he couldn’t go surfing. I didn’t know why and told him so. A funny look came over his face when I asked […]

Many of you will have seen references to Michael Winterbottom’s movie, The Killer Inside Me, throughout the blogosphere. Many have heralded it as an example of how spanking is returning to the mainstream. However, this beautiful shot and well-acted movie does the spanking community no favours. The opening scene is promising. Casey Affleck, our ‘hero’ […]

John Lane sat high on the roof of the main house of the Lazy Lanes. He had been hammering at the same shingle all morning as he took in the view overlooking the best dude ranch in Arizona. He remembered when it was just a working ranch that his father had helped build up from […]

That doesn’t mean he is drunk, just after a week or so of trying to post from abroad, seasonal sickness has loomed. The next post, scheduled for yesterday, will be published here in a day or two. Meanwhile here is some music.