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The tears rolled down 18-year-old Lucy Martin’s cheeks causing her mascara to run and her mother Ann thought she was the most woeful sight she had ever seen. As her daughter entered the room, she took slow careful steps and opted to throw herself face down on the settee, rather than sit on it. Once […]

Image hunting, saw a very sore bottom and checked it out. This led to a whole trail of anecdotes, mostly off-topic, about unfortunate and embarrassing sunburn. Given the obvious pun on tanned and sore and sticking with it, this little snippet turned up. “1976 was a very hot year in England and it happened to […]

Recently two women have sent in emails about their experiences with sororities and spanking. One woman gave a rather full account of some of her sorority spanking encounters, but has not given permission for publication. The other account as reported here has been cobbled together from a couple of emails and edited with permission into […]

Lawrence reached out and wiped a speck from the inside wing of his three-year-old black Jaguar S-Type. “You could do with a wash old girl,” he said aloud to it, not especially worried about who heard him. He looked around at the cherry-lined avenue where he lived and then back at his house. It is […]

For some people a spanking is not a spanking unless it has the right setting or context. For some this will be a wholly consensual bit of foreplay in the bedroom, maybe with role-play, maybe not. Now for others it is all about punishment, erotic or otherwise. Now things really do get interesting. We have […]

The four of them made their way along the beach as they headed towards the day-tripper car park. Three of the girls were smirking and trading significant glances as they gently shoved the fourth girl along. “Oh come on guys we don’t have to go this far.” She wailed. “You know that we do Carol.” […]

Angela’s story continues: After I had left David Ashley’s office I walked very slowly, taking pigeon steps, down the hall to the senior girls cloakroom. I took a moment to tug my knickers down and to look at a vicious set of purple ribs scoring my behind. Then I grabbed a huge wad of paper […]