A spanking with all the trimmings


For some people a spanking is not a spanking unless it has the right setting or context. For some this will be a wholly consensual bit of foreplay in the bedroom, maybe with role-play, maybe not.

Now for others it is all about punishment, erotic or otherwise. Now things really do get interesting. We have corner time, mouth-soaping, being sent to bed both with and without supper, punishment garb, punishment foods, grounding, well you get the picture.

How important are all these trimmings compared to the spanking itself? For you, is there one that is always necessary or is it variety that counts?

For one couple it always begins, “wait until I get you home young lady.”

This is a ritual phrase that always signals that the ‘young lady’ in question is going to get a spanking. It can be used in public, at the supermarket say or more embarrassingly during a dinner party with friends or at her parents’ house.

She knows what is coming and others might guess, but nothing actually compromising has been said.

Another woman waits in the corner for her man to come home. Maybe she wears a particular piece of clothing or outfit. Perhaps her bottom is bare so that it is the first thing he sees on entering. She may have been waiting for an hour if he is late, but he will keep her waiting for some time longer not speaking or even acknowledging what is to happen.

Then finally she is called from the corner and unless she is there for some previously discussed misdemeanour, he asks her what she has done.

After the spanking her face may be as red as her bottom, she is embarrassed to be treated in that way, but agrees that she deserves it. What then? Is she sent to bed to wait for him even though it is only eight o’clock? Is she permitted dinner? Are there any other consequences?

“You’re not allowed out for the rest of the month and make sure you tell your friends when they ask that you have been grounded.”

This can happen.

The couple mentioned earlier use this one. She never tells her friends that she has been grounded, it is too much, but she knows she should according to their rules. So if an opportunity is missed to do so, then she knows she will be spanked again.

Imagine every time the phone rings her heart leaps and she answers in a state of nerves both hoping and dreading the question: ‘why can’t you come out this week?’

Another common restriction is withholding sexual climax. A passionate woman may beg for an orgasm after a spanking, but it is not always allowed. Maybe she will have to wait an hour. Maybe she will be made to wait a week until she is no longer under restriction!

Perhaps he denies himself also, but mostly she will required to satisfy him another way. This is so much worse for her as you might imagine.

There is so much more to a spanking than just a spanking. Or don’t you agree?

4 Responses to “A spanking with all the trimmings”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    “Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin..” — Jim Morrison, “Celebration of the Lizard”

    What you’re referring to in this post, D.J., is the whole ritual or ceremonial aspect of spanking. I think it’s widely recognized that it’s ritual and ceremony that “speaks” to the more primitive reptilian brain stem of the human being, and all that is no doubt part of the reason that the practices and experiences of spanking imprint themselves so deeply in the human psyche.

  2. 2 Isabel

    Primitive reptilian, my cherry red butt!! 🙂 (No offense intended, Karl, I just strongly disagree.) In my view, although the impulse to spank is indeed a primitive one, the ceremonial aspect is exactly what makes human spanking human. We imagine punishments to be in proportion to a given offense, we create a variety of scenarios, we look forward in tingly anticipation — these are all aspects of a highly-evolved primate brain.

    Anyway, loved the post, D.J.!

  3. What goes on between your ears is 10 times as effective as what happens at the other end. The ritual allows the mind to do its work, create expectations, anxiety, weak knees, a tummy doing back flips, goose bumps, cold sweats and afterwards, embarrassment, contrition, release , relief, the giddy high when its all over……and on and on the list of sensations that the mind can create is endless. So without the ritual elements all you have is transient discomfort and a red bottom.

    Oh no, any moron with a hand can spank, its the ritual elements that make the punishment and the ability to orchestrate the ritual that defines a truly skilful disciplinarian..


  4. Yes, when I give punishment spankings, to naughty women, I like certain settings to be met, by the naughty one, besides the obvious one, of spanking her bare bottom. I like to start with verbal humiliation, then proceed to have her stand in the corner. Proceed for her to slowly raise her dress waist high, before commanding her to bend over a recepticle, be it a stool, bench, or bed. Then I myself proceed to take down her bloomers, the old-fashioned kind, such as a pair of [directoire knickers].Then proceed to cane her, and cane her well on that bare bottom of hers. Then back in the corner she is commanded once more to stand, displaying her well earned caning. Yes. there are times when she sobs from the pain, but nontheless, she knows, the punishment I gave her was justified.And yes, I view, a beautiful well striped naked rear end with great satisfaction.

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