The secret world of women


There are a lot of women visitors to this blog, so perhaps the title is arrogant or unhelpful. Or perhaps it is just aimed at the men. So ladies talk among yourselves if you are so inclined.

Years ago Nancy Friday wrote two books about sexual fantasies, one on men and the other on women. Oddly, the one about men read as an explanation as to why men were such misogynistic perverts, especially with regard to subDom fantasies where the man was the top. However, perhaps this can be forgiven as pandering to the vogue of the time. After all, much exploration of the erotic at that time was dismissed with the phrase ‘male sex fantasies’ as if men’s sexual fantasies did not count.

Certainly Friday’s other book discussed female fantasies in terms of embracing empowerment and liberation. Although quite how these liberated heterosexual women were to explore their fantasies without the help of misogynistic perverts was not clear.

Now this is not a review of either book, but it merely serves as an illustration. The point was that two apparently vanilla books heavily featured spanko and subDom themes.

This leads us neatly to the ‘secret world of women’.

Here are a few fantasies that could have come straight from the pages of Nancy Friday’s book.

Ellen is a respectable businesswoman working for a magazine. In public, she makes all the right noises about feminism and women’s liberation but in secret she harbours dark fantasies.

Ellen dreams of being kidnapped by a man and taken somewhere to be tied up. She does not know this man or where she has been taken only that she must submit to his every whim.

“I like the fact that I can resist and try to fight him. That is important,” Ellen says. “It means that I can have no guilt afterwards.”

“In my fantasy the man whips my bare bottom and thighs and makes me beg. I cannot tell you how much that turns me on. It is a fantasy I have always had.”

“The important thing is though I know that he won’t do anything too bad to me and that one day he will let me go. Because it is only fantasy.”

Ellen’s thoughts and observations may be obvious and even old-fashioned, but they are revealing nonetheless. This brings us to Kate.

“When I am on the train I always look at a mans hands. I wonder what they would feel like touching my hair and my legs. Then I think about them on my bottom. Especially on my bottom as they touch and caress me. Hands that can wander anywhere they like that I cannot stop. If I try those hands will smack my bottom. Smack it hard and make me cry until I promise to be a good girl.”

“Then the tube train stops and I have to go on to work worst luck.”

And if you have ever wondered what goes on in an all-women work environment then wonder no more.

“My boss is younger than me and to be frank a bit of a bitch. She is always wearing these tight short skirts that make her bottom bulge out all tight and pert. It drives me mad. Especially when she is being extra bitchy.”

“I dream of getting her alone and dragging her over my lap and giving her a spanking. Not in play, but really hard so that she is left whimpering. Then I get to make her undress so I can start again, this time on her little bare bottom, which I make as red as I can.”

“Afterwards we can go back to my place where she can show me how sorry she is.”

Now you are probably thinking by now that you knew this all the time and there are no secrets here. Well don’t tell the women sitting next to you that, she probably doesn’t realise. What is she thinking right now? What are you thinking?

Recent research reveals that we are all daydreaming during half our waking lives.

One Response to “The secret world of women”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    And of course, on blogs on the internet, under the anonymity of an alias, many women do reveal their secret selves. Among spanking bloggers, it certainly seems to me that females outnumber males by a significant margin.

    Whether this reflects the demographics of interest, or whether women are more inclined to blog generally, or whether a spanking interest is more acceptable for a woman to have in our present political climate, it’s difficult to know for sure.

    However, as I understand it, at spanking play parties, organizers take pains to ensure the gender balance is not excessively skewed towards too many men. So what does that say — that these parties attract men who are not so hard-core interested as to blog and that women are reluctant to take their secret desires to public parties?

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