Candid cameras, sororities and other animals


sorority spanking

A while back someone (largely anon) sent me a batch of random stuff purporting to be real amateur spanking stuff. An attempt to get more details has drawn a blank so here is most of what is publishable and you can make up your own mind.

Most of it seems to be sorority stuff, but there were some pictures labelled Kathy’s sisters and miscellaneous other stuff and the rest were labelled ‘mostly fun’ and ‘hazing pics’ with one comment ‘was this for a legal case?’

All the words were in a text file and were rather incoherent and which comment goes with which picture is not clear, but some may be guessable. The picture above must be ‘Texas sorority girl in the shower room the day after.’ That picture appears relatively modern, as does the other nude shot in the hall. The other two are from an earlier age and had the faces already obscured.

What has been taken to be the Kathy’s sisters pictures are unpublishable for one reason or another. They are black and white and look as if they were taken circa 1970. They mostly consist of rough amateur shots through a doorway of a middle-aged woman holding a hairbrush and two other people not seen. These were much worse in quality than the worst of the pictures published here. The only one of these that might have been useable was of the woman and two teenage girls looking apprehensive at the hairbrush and one girl reaching for her waistband of her clothes. As we are not sure of the ages (although they look late teens) and the situation, they have been omitted. Anyway, with the faces obscured they are meaningless.

It is only mentioned because one wonders with hindsight that in an age of camera phones why there are not more such pictures being posted on the internet.

Anyway if anyone knows any more about these pictures then please do share.

8 Responses to “Candid cameras, sororities and other animals”

  1. 1 Zack

    Lol come on bro! Release the rest of the photos! I doubt they’d be damning whatsoever. So stop teasing us! =)

  2. 2 Karen

    I don’t think you should publish pictures taken by sisters at home.

    When I was 16 I went to a club with some friends and my had to drag me out. I got a spanking from mum the next day and my older sister took pictures on her phone cam. Even though they weren’t bare I was so embarrassed.

    She put them on facebook. I hated her.

    Mum spanked her bare though when she found out and said she would do the same to me if I even thought about revenge. But at least I got to watch.


  3. 3 Haley

    My sis did that to me – it sux 😦

    My knickers were halfway down my legs so you got off light.

    Luck was it was only posted to a private group and my face werent on it. But sisters friends all knew and teased me a lot. 😦

    THAT woz 3 years ago and i still get teased! I woz 18 at the time soooo extra bashup!!


  4. 4 wailer

    The second shot of the guy and girl outside is from a Blushes magazine of the 80s. The fourth shot looks like some from the 20s and 30s that Janus magazine used to run on occasion back in the 80s as well.

  5. 5 DJ

    Hi Wailer

    Thanks for that.

    The outside shot though is two girls surely? It certainly looked like it on the slightly larger version I have – if I can find it again. I think it is obvious from the differing time periods that these pictures are not single source – so it could be a real pic even if it were in Blushes unless you know it was a posed photo set?

    The other – ‘looks like’ yes these may have been published before – but it it doesn’t mean they are not candids or real sorority girls (doesn’t prove they are admittedly). I would say that the fourth pic is from the 1940s or 50s and is either a) a candid as my (now vanished source) suggested (I have doubts but…) b) a camera club pic from that era. It doesn’t look like 20s porn to me.

    But as I couldn’t find out more I published what I had and all I knew.

    Any more thoughts then let us know.

    The other pics – other than one described – aren’t worth a light by the way and other comments here are part of the reason I have withheld it. That and the possibility that at least one of the girls is under 18.

    The newspaper clipping that was with it (a bad scan of a photocopied photocopy by the looks of it) has a ‘black’ group photo (worse than the last pic) and unreadable text. If I can work out what it says I will post it. It may even be off topic.


  6. 6 Ken

    When I was 14 and my older cousins were looking after me they locked me in the boot of a car took me round with their friends. (Me still in back)

    Stacey (17) wasn’t supposed to be driving yet as she hadn’t passed her test and Clare (19) was way too drunk to be a co-driver.

    When my aunt (mom to them) found out she was so mad that she spanked them both right there in the house without taking them to their rooms. At first it was on their panties but when Stacey argued about it coz I was there – then my aunt spanked them bare. Man it was neat.

    I took some pix on Clare’s cell and then uploaded them to my PC before giving it back. I never did post them online but just the threat was enough to get my cousins off my case after that.

    They even had to show me their butts a few times after getting spanked and one time Stacey took the rap for me – I felt kinda gilty – especially when she really got it – far worse than I would have done on account of being older and shoulda known better – but at the same time it was cool.

    So I agree dont post any pics just threaten too – its way cooler. 😀

    Ken (I am 19 now and we are all friends) pix were destroyed. 😦

  7. 7 Taylor

    I am sorry the top picture was not published illegally. Stupid phone.

    • 8 DJ

      Hi Taylor,

      Thanks for the heads up – in light of what you said I have deleted the photograph – and also your comments which pertain to it – but thanks

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