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Steampunk is very much back in vogue these days, although many of you might be forgiven for never having heard of it. The label ‘Steampunk’ was not coined until 1987 and even then it was merely mooted as a possible collective term for a sub-genre of science fiction writing. And some say it was wholly […]

Weekly Round-Up


Censorship and BDSM (the catchall phrase for the vanilla objectors and liberals alike) has hit my radar this week. Not in a big way, but one did chance upon a black ribbon. It is not clear whether this is a movement that has been and gone or something on the up. The problem is that […]

Years ago while watching an old black and white movie set in some kind of senior girls’ school there was a chance reference to Abelard and Heloise. It meant nothing to me at the time and if I ever knew it the name of the movies escapes me. It was an odd set-up with ‘schoolgirls’ […]

Our story began here. It was a few days later when Gerald was finally due home. Sylvia had been on the edge of her seat all that morning in anticipation, eager to begin what she was increasingly thinking of as her new life. She had had much to think about since her recent adventures and […]

Part one here. Lady Jane dared not even contemplate sitting on the horse’s saddle. She hadn’t even been able to put on her forbidden riding breeks. Instead she had opted for a loose green gown more befitting her station, which was just bearable as it brushed against her raw bottom. But she winced all the […]

Weekly Round-up


The summer is clinging on here in London but there is the beginning of an autumnal feel. Perhaps in response several people, bloggers and otherwise, are taking a last minute break so the season hasn’t started in earnest. Mostly pictures this week, but Beauty and the Birch have a homage feature on spanking girl cadets […]

Roaring 1920s


Not so much flappers as a bit of a flap. This was what those flappers’ fathers were looking at in those ‘gentleman’s’ magazines in the 1920s. Another eclectic mix of spanking drawings sent in by TipTopper.

Lady Jane Larch’s cousins and other young men had left for the hunt and she had been determined to go with them. Legends were made from killing and especially capturing trolls and she wanted part of the glory. Besides, the castle was dull and beyond the forest were magical creatures of all kinds and trolls […]

Recently an article on birching from this blog was republished over at Well Red Weekly. So in my quest for recovering lost material from my hard drive it seemed possible that some unused original source material was to be found. This threw up two separate, mysterious and yet interesting snippets. The first was a reference […]

Some of these have been seen before but there are a couple of new ones on me. I particularly like the banner for an intro with a now lost spanking for Louise White movie. A Zane Grey novel was the inspiration for the 1928 movie The Water Hole, pictured in the rather graining image above. […]