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Alex stood on the sand looking at the far horizon. There was absolutely nothing to see but more sand, she realised with a sinking feeling that was rapidly being overtaken with crippling dread. How had it come to this? She was naked but for the soft slip-on shoes and the bonds of course. One pinned […]

The last post on Russians was to be the last for a while, but at the time there was much interest shown in the unpublished plates of judicial flogging. The purpose of the pictures above is unclear, perhaps they were intended to be educational or merely pornographic, but the former is entirely plausible as until […]

Most of the illustrations above depict the more typical judicial flogging of Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries, but the first two illustrate a rather more unusual procedure. Picture this, if you will, a group of men and sometimes women milling around in a large room, perhaps having paid a small coin. On one […]

Tuesday 25th January, still no pigging idea where I am Dear Diary, Owwwwwwwwww! This really is not funny now. Walking to the toilet takes an age and as for sitting down, you can forget it. Today they had a punishment parade as well. I had to wait in a line with a dozen other girls […]

Whilst doing some research into something else this was discovered. It came from a news round-up dated several years ago claiming to be about an event that took place on York Island in the Caribbean in May or April 2005. It all seems a bit unlikely, but as it was not read until after it was downloaded, […]

During the late 1980s, Blue Moon Books published a series of spanking erotica that perhaps represents a golden age of erotic publishing. This was a period that was post-sexual liberation and all those sexploitation books of the 1970s and before political correctness had insisted that all such books must constantly reiterate the consensual nature of […]