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Yvonne practiced her pout, making little sucking noises and clicking with her tongue. It was a habit she had when she was bored or as in this case nervous. The pixie-haired blonde had been sitting outside the headmaster’s office for 20 minutes now and as break was nearly over Yvonne was getting rather concerned that […]

Dear Mr Brandon


Lady Constance stopped at the corner of the rose garden and the small Tudor-style maze at the south side of the house. Since her elder sister and cousin had got married, life at the Hall had been somewhat lacking. In fact her only diversion was her growing obsession with Mr Brandon who served as tutor […]

This is a work of fiction suggested by real events. At 18 I had two close encounters with the cane; both of them in my last term of Sixth Form College. I was generally a good girl and had for the most part escaped any run-ins with either Mrs B the head of year or […]

Eleanor Whitlow blew a stray strand of hair from her forehead. At least it was not plastered there with perspiration on account of the heat. The heat, it was barely March, as she remembered it Boston would only have just seen off the snow. But Eleanor was a long way from Boston and as strive […]

Henry Vaughn heaved a deep sigh and turned the letter over in his hand. He reread it for the third time in the hope that it would tell him something different, a futile exercise, he knew. Now he had a big problem on his hands. The heavy set man sat back in his chair and […]

Part 1 here. Spanked college girls was a common enough sight on campus for it not to draw too much attention, but the woman in the faculty office looked up as Hilary took her first slow painful steps through the fire doors that led into the open area. Hilary could feel every loving stripe of […]

The country was rugged and wild; the last great wilderness south of the Thames some called it. Bagshot Heath was just a small corner of the English county of Surrey and as such lay hard on the south-western edge of London. But despite its proximity to the Capital, few suspected it existed. There were few […]

In the recent article on Steampunk Spanking I mentioned the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie starring Sean Connery. What you may not know is that the movie was based on Volume One of a graphic novel of the same name published by America’s Best Comics and created by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neil, Ben Dimagmaliw […]

LSF have published another story of mine. This time it is the novella first published in five parts as the Bannerman Saga and includes the stories The Life and Times of Rachel Kent, The Wise Fools and The Last Days of Eden. It is an eclectic western adventure about a spoilt girl from ‘back east’ […]

The Academy


It seems that LSF are determined to publisher a sizeable proportion of my back catalogue. (Is that a double entendre or a pun?) Anyway, hot on the heels of the novella, Lizzie Baines, comes the re-publishing of The Academy (originally published as The Academy: the future of spanking). There are two original works in the […]