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Despite the bold claim of the title this is no more than a few observations about spanking erotica since the advent of the camera. Most weeks I run a feature called Vintage Sunday in which features old photographs that have some obvious appeal for a spanko readership. Whilst actual spanking pictures are not rare as […]

Here is a selection of vintage photographs that either have spanking or a hint of spanking in them. My favourite is of the two girls hiding their faces as if indulging in some kind of 1930s Face Book style prank. The spanking undertones are undeniable. Another interesting photo is the very grainy one that has […]

This picture turned up on Tumblr some time ago. It is almost certainly from a standard spanking movie shoot, some of you may even know which one. However, this print looks like it was taken with a camera phone and has an amateur feel to it. With the way in which the young lady is […]