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Caning at court


The figure above, possibly a king, looks rather like Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). He was a man with a strong sense of justice from a part of the world where the chastisement of women has a long and continuing tradition. It is not clear if this is indeed the […]

Spanking Heroines through the Ages Paul sent in this nice little review of my latest book. Thanks Paul. Damian Black has produced another little gem. The first is an adventure in ancient Rome in which a modern female archaeological professor, finds herself transported to a Temple of Apollo. She is thought to be a runaway […]

“I like you, but you western men are all too soft.” This was said by a comely Russian blonde in the back of a taxi. Then turning round in her seat to display her ample round jean-clad bottom, she said, “this is a good Russian arse. Only a Russian man knows what to do with […]

The birch has a long history as an implement of punishment. It times past, before the so-called Age of Reason in the late 17th century, the boundaries between home and the workplace were blurred and so too were the relationships and boundaries of the family. Even into the 20th century in England, employees were sometimes […]