The Enlightenment


spanking OTKArthur Wentworth had come to the Institute at just 30 and very much of the mind that it was just another college on his path to higher academia. After all what use was a ladies college in this day and age; especially one that had such obscure ambitions and archaic methodologies? But that had been nearly 15 years before and now as a greying young fogey down to his tweed suit and serious blue eyes, he was fully committed to his position. If anyone had asked, he would have at least admitted to the shallowness of his youth and told them that whilst age was no guarantee of wisdom, it did at least bring experience.

He sat back in his chair and surveyed the three young women standing in front of him. Behind them was the great portrait of the founder standing before the Institute as it was 109 years before during his time. The same red brick towers reach like spires of learning extended into the clarity of blue sky as unlimited as his vision.

The elaborate golden edge of the painting framed the women as if to group them as one. But the truth was they were each very different and all on a separate journey to discovery.

Nanette Gates, Nan as the girls called her, was the youngest and the most lost in Arthur’s opinion. But the short rounded blonde was accepting and biddable enough. Even now she stood shuffling her feet and staring vacantly around the room as she nibbled at nervous lips. She had been here for less than a term and already he had seen her in his office half a dozen times.

Trudy Partinger was a taller pretty girl with stylish long auburn hair and well-made clothes that spoke of money. She had never been in trouble before and she stood now affecting disdain in the mistaken belief that he would be at once impressed and fooled into believing that she was unafraid.

But the real mystery of the group was Elisabeth Sanford. At 23, she was rather older than most of the students at the Institute. She had already achieved several respectable qualifications, including a degree and could have had her pick of national and private colleges to pursue a postgrad course.

Elisabeth was not outwardly a modern woman and wore a close fitting black pullover that matched thick woollen stockings worn under a sensible grey skirt. But for the broad white Alice-band that completed her sensible persona, her thick short black-brown bobbed hair might have been salon-styled. As it was she had a bookish look, almost like a geek. Furthermore, unlike the other two, she looked bored and impatient as if this was all too inconvenient and she had somewhere better to be.

Arthur looked all three up and down as he rocked back and forth in his chair.

“Now Miss Gates already knows what to expect, don’t you Nan?” he finally spoke.

“Yes Sir,” she lisped in a barely audible whisper and looked down at her shoes.

“Pray enlighten the others,” Arthur pressed her.

“I am going to be caned Sir,” she mumbled.

Trudy coloured at this and matched Nan blush for blush. Next to her Elisabeth frowned and seemed to do a double-take as if she hadn’t heard right.

Arthur ignored them both and indicated that Nan should expand.

“After last time you said… that is,” she glanced nervously at the other women, “You said if you saw me in your office again you would give me 18 Sir.”

Trudy openly gaped in horror while Elisabeth whirled on the other two from her place at the end of the line and then looked back at Arthur in disbelief.

“Eighteen what? Tell them exactly what I said please Miss Gates,” Arthur said wearily.

“You said I was to have… to have 18 strokes of the cane across my… my bare bottom Sir,” Nan explained girlishly.

Trudy’s eyes widened but she dare not look at anyone in particular.

“Eh… can I ask a question…?” Elisabeth put a solitary finger up as if she were in a classroom.

Arthur glared at her and folded his arms expectantly.

“That is…” Elisabeth continued.

“Miss Sanford,” Arthur said firmly, “It is not can I ask a question, it is may I ask a question… Sir.”

Elisabeth rolled up her eyes and sighed.

“May I ask a question Sir,” she parroted.

“You may,” Arthur agreed.

“I mean this is the 20th century isn’t it? This is a college for women, not a school? You cannot be serious,” Elisabeth said confidently. “Eh… I mean Sir.”

Arthur should have been surprised. But he wasn’t. The Institute’s disciplinary set-up wasn’t exactly in the small print, but every year there was a student who had assumed that the college wasn’t serious. He let out a long weary sigh.

“Miss Sanford, you did read the handbook?” he asked.

“Yes, well I…” Elisabeth began.

“You signed the disciplinary forms and permissions?”

“But surely they were just…?”

“And I trust you went to the induction at the start of term?”

“This is ridiculous. That was just… well I thought…” Elisabeth swallowed and suddenly seemed confused and uncertain. “I don’t understand Sir.”

“Then, Miss Sanford, I will have to enlighten you.”

Arthur sat back in his chair and studied her hard. Then with another long weary sigh that trumped his first he turned to Trudy.

“This is your first time before me isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” Trudy replied in a strained voice that hinted her façade was beginning to crack.

“If I see you again this term, then you are for the high jump, do you understand?” he said sharply.

“Yes Sir,” Trudy gasped.

“Miss Gates, you are already up for a sizeable piece of my wrath. See me at…” he leaned over to his desk and flicked a corner of his desk diary up, “…at three o’clock sharp.”

“Yes Sir,” Nan squeaked.

“Now you two may leave,” Arthur said with a wave of his hand.

Nan and Trudy exchanged glances and then left the room as quickly as was conducive with their dignity. That is to say they virtually scurried away.

Left alone with Elisabeth, Arthur stood up and went to a closet on the other side of his office.

“Now Miss Sanford, before we discuss the matters that brought you here we need to give you an attitude adjustment,” Arthur said as he studied his small collection of canes and paddles. Adding, “If you would be so kind as to remove your skirt and lower your other clothing.”

“I’m sorry…. I just came to explain about…” Elisabeth blustered.

“You came because you were admitted to the campus by security 45 minutes after the gates closed. Because you were found smoking in a non-smoking area and…”

“I wasn’t really smoking. I don’t smoke really I was just…” she spluttered, “And the late thing. That was just… well I missed the bus and…”

Arthur stopped and gave her a hard stare.

“We will deal with the matters that brought you here in a while. Just now I have instructed you to prepare for correction,” Arthur snapped.

“But…” Elisabeth hovered nervously like a trapped bird and shot eager glances at the closed door.

“Miss Sanford,” Arthur said firmly, “You know about the disciplinary procedures here don’t you. I trust you wish to remain at the Institute, so stop prevaricating.”

“But I’m… surely I’m too old aren’t I? I mean that caning and sp-spanking stuff… that was for the younger girls just out of school?” Elisabeth whined.

“Miss Sanford, remove your skirt at once,” Arthur barked.

Elisabeth went peony and let her hands dance around her waist before Arthur snapped at her again and she jumped.

It took an age for her to unbutton and unzip her skirt. And then even longer for her to tug it down and step out of it to stand in just her tights. They were thick, but nonetheless stretched tight over her hips and bottom so that they thinned-out enough to see the hint of knickers underneath.

“Down to your knees will suffice,” Arthur intoned impatiently.

He had already chosen a very modest cane.

“I can’t, really I can’t…” Elisabeth wailed.

“Do you wish me to summon a woman member of staff, is that it?” Arthur said gently.

“Oh… God no, I… no please don’t…” Elisabeth gasped.

“Do you wish me to make an appointment with the vice-principal, Miss Berkley? She can handle this if you wish?” Arthur had to assume that the woman had some legitimate objection.

“Look, you can’t cane me Sir. I know I agreed… and yes I did know… I thought it was quaint and kind of fun… but… but you see I am nearly 24 and you can’t just… I mean…” Elisabeth gangled awkwardly and stood knocked-kneed in embarrassment.

Arthur sighed and put the cane down.

“Miss Sanford, come here,” he ordered her.

His tone was calm and reassuring and Elisabeth felt a not unpleasant tickle along her spine.

“Sir I…” she said shyly.

Arthur pulled her to him and without a pause toppled her across his knee.

“Ooh,” Elisabeth squealed in surprise.

“Miss Sanford, you are a brat and a vacillator,” he growled, “And I am going to teach you a long and needful lesson.”

With that he tugged at her tights and knickers and pulled them both down together so that they rested at her knees.

“Oh Sir,” she gasped.

“I regret sending the other girls away now,” he scolded her; “I should have put you across my knee and spanked your bare bottom with a slipper while they watched. That would have put you in your place wouldn’t it?”

Elisabeth didn’t answer and as he repeated the question, he brought his palm down sharply across her bare bottom.

“Yes Sir,” she squealed.

It took only a flurry of spanks to turn Elisabeth from defiant and kicking to meek and wailing.

“I’m sorry Sir, I’m sorry…” she cried.

“The thing is, if you had been more contrite and had offered me less of your attitude, I would have let you off with just a warning like Miss Partinger,” he barked and spanked down harder.

“Yes Sir,” she wailed, “I’m sorry.”

“Now after I have spanked you, you will bend over and take six of the best across your bare bottom. Do you hear me Miss Sanford?” he growled.

“Yes Sir,” she gasped.

Her bottom stung and she had to wrestle back some tears, but she wasn’t surprised at his words, none of them.

“You did read the handbook?” she remembered him saying. Only cover to cover and back again. It had been what had drawn her to the Institute.

It had taken her all term of breaking rules and testing them before someone had given up ‘cutting her some slack’ and sent her to Principal.

“Don’t think this is going to be over any time soon,” Arthur told her as he continued to spank the girl in earnest. “When I am done with you, you will go and face the corner and think about what six strokes across your bare bottom will feel like. After that we will deal with each and every one of your rule infractions, do you hear me Miss Sanford? Am I enlightening you?”

“Yes Sir,” Elisabeth wailed.

Arthur picked up the pace and spanked her hard and fast on the underside of her bottom, driving in the slaps so that they hit home firmly where she sat.

“Oh,” she gasped, and breathing heavily she sobbed a little “ooh” to follow it.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you aren’t standing the corner awaiting a final six or eight when Miss Gates returns for her punishment,” Arthur told her without a pause to the spanks.

He doubted he would take it that far, not this time, but that depended on her attitude and how meekly she took her six.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered as she surrendered.


6 Responses to “The Enlightenment”

  1. nice story in part 2 hope u change y mind and give her 18 licks of the cane not 6 to change her attitude!!!

  2. 2 paul1510

    no don’t over do it, after all, that would be a reward. 😉

  3. 3 Raffe


    She should be dealt with, I hope you will see to that.

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks guys – I am glad you liked the story 🙂

  5. a seriosly spanked/caned bottom

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