Weekly Round-Up


Braun spankingspanking spanking spanking spanking spankingThe sun is up and the sky is blue, well after the fog cleared, and the weekend saw a fine Indian summer which today looks set to continue. I inspired by my own article I read a steampunk novel (no spanking) and visited a fine medieval city for teashops and pubs.

I notice that some blogs are still not updating; the blogsters must have better things to do. British Spanking Magazines has been on a sabbatical for over a year now, but the blog is such a good archive that I have left it up. Also I notice that the Spank Statement hasn’t updated since June – we all hope nothing is wrong.

To compensate I have added three new blogs to the blogroll Dom with Pen, Nik Zula and Wholebean and I.

This week I hope to continue Magic, which still has around 20 per cent left to go I would adjudge. I might do a story so far at some point. Spankmanship is now close to a conclusion, which is just as well since I just realised that it has been over a year since Ad Astra was last here. I am also considering another chapter of Raw and or Severus.

More gratifying and due to overwhelming demand (and an attack of muse) it won’t be too long until we return to Abraham Heights.

The pictures today are an old favourite by Braun recently republished on Beauty and the Birch, a Nik Zula coloured one from the Chicago Spanking Review, a classic Brian Tarsis (for Shadow Lane) re-published on Cranky Spanker, Cutiepie, another Nik Zula from his own blog and one from the Spanking Blog.

Have a good week.

15 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Wholebean & I looks promising. It’s honest. It’s by a guy who has come to terms with and has come out with his fetish. He’s a middle aged guy with a failed marriage, separated from his children and doesn’t get a lot of action, but still more than me. No action is still more than me.

    • 2 DJ

      There is always tomorrow One Hand (off on and on I have been lucky) 🙂

    • Now O.H.M –
      You once gave me a very sound virtual spanking at Sometimes a girl…
      No, it wasn’t face to face but it meant a lot to me and it was really fun!
      You were very sweet and quite stern at the same time.
      Felt like good action to this redhead!
      I don’t think I said thank you but I’ll say it now – Thank you, kind Sir.

  2. 4 Mike

    My knees hurt just looking at that concrete floor.

    And I don’t think that hand mirror is a safe and responsible choice of implement.

  3. The outdoor Brian Tarsis painting was commissioned by Shadow Lane for our publication Stand Corrected and is now the cover of Eve Howard’s 6th Shadow Lane book. I find it infuriating to see that it has a “red palm” logo on it.

    • 7 DJ

      That was how I found it Tony – I have now removed it and replaced it with due credit. No idea what that do-dad was. 😦

      Cheers for the heads up. 🙂

      • Well, I do know what that “do-dad” was, it was the logo of a website that would take anything that wasn’t nailed down, put their logo on it, and charge people to look at it while pretending they had the rights to it.

  4. 9 Michael

    DJ, great set of links, photos and drawings.
    With the update about your upcoming stories you made your readers very happy. Can’t wait to read them.

    Tony, thank you for enlightening us about the situation of copyright infringement that has victimized you and Shadow Lane. I share your anger and disgust at such reprehensible behavior.

  5. 11 Laura

    So excited to hear you will be continuing with Ad Astra looking forward to it! XOXO

    • 12 DJ

      It will restart after Magic – so not sure when that is – but soonish – thanks 🙂

  6. 13 cindy2

    In my view, the first image is the most impressive although all are interesting. The sketch is essentially minimalist. By stripping the sketch to its bare essentials, the artists has created the maximum effect. And it gives the viewer the ability to read into it what each of us wishes. To me, each girl ascends the steps to a stage to accept the punishment from a disciplinarian who decidedly looks the part. The discipline is administered as a result of improper behavior, each girl has donned a punishment outfit and insured that her bottom is bared for her ordeal, and the discipline on the stage gives those who are seated below the opportunity to see her flesh responds as the thrashing proceeds. The rope on the right leg of the spanking horse suggests the presence of an equivant rope on the left leg which means that the girls’s legs will be spread wide for her thrashing, giving those who are viewing her from below a more intimate view. The knee socks are suggestive of the type of institution in which the discipline is occurring.

    • 14 DJ

      Those Braun images are quite evocative and mysterious aren’t they?

      I have often wondered if they illustrated anything in particular.

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