Weekly Round-Up


spanking spankingspanking spankingThere was an old codger from a village in Yorkshire where I used to live. He would sit in the pub making mysterious remarks of wisdom while sucking on his pipe. Mostly these were platitudes and gems of faux rustic wisdom, but one thing he did say that I did not understand then was “Take a thousand steps forward every day and if you don’t then take two thousand the next.”

I don’t think he was advocating a fitness programme.

Lately I have been in a lot of teashops. That is not apropos anything, except I haven’t gone to the pub too much. Is this a metaphor for something? If it is, it may not be all bad. True you don’t get a lot of football in a teashop, but the serving staff are prettier and they tend to wear short tight skirts these days.

On that cryptic start to the week I will say that I discovered quiet words of support for A Voice in The Corner this week. Back in June the Red Bottomed Harlot listed it as a favourite blog. Then last Monday, Kia over at Acknowledging Imperfection had a brief off-the-cuff homage to Ad Astra in a fun little story called Testing Turing.

The pictures are from: Au Fil des Jours, Blossom and Thorn, Cutiepie and Yeowch.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. The reference seemed apt and was a bit of fun to keep the story moving. Glad it was appreciated.

    Looking forward to the return of Ad Astra. Makes the looming end of Magic less bittersweet. 🙂

  2. 3 cindy2

    DJ, the first few words of your narrative suggested a limerick to me but further reading dispelled that idea.

    I’m particularly attracted to the second image. The man’s hand and strap monopolizing the foreground makes the upturned bare bottom of the woman in the background appear diminutive, suggesting the harshness of the thrashing that is to come.

  3. 5 markiee

    Nothing like an outdoor bare bottomed spanking. I know, my wife has given me more than a few.

  1. 1 Don’t move « Grumpy old fart!!!

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