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Some time ago I came across a little piece of military history regarding the home front and the use of photography for keeping up the morale of men off fighting. Certainly by the time of both the Crimean War and the American Civil War photography was available to the officer classes among the British, French […]

These two pictures were supplied by TipTopper. The first is from the 1920s or possibly early 1930s. It is interesting as it appears to show a genuine school room of the time, although the young lady awaiting chastisement is clearly pats school age. It looks like an early example of amateur erotica and one can […]

This week’s blog is another new find. Andy’s Dames is a regularly updated site that acts as a show case for one-of erotic drawings. Most of the pictures feature bondage of some kind as well as spanking. Also a fair few of them are quite graphic either sexually or with their depictions of peril. However, […]

This week’s blog is the Cherry Red Report. This week they started a strand on just what is your favourite spanking picture. That’s actually a difficult question to which there is probably no answer. The first picture above has been chosen to represent the DJ Black favourite picture because it has tenderness (of both kinds) […]

Given yesterday’s topic, which touched upon spanking as a sex substitute, the picture above is rather apt. It was provided by Tiptopper, and was captioned ‘two girls of good family at play.’ The image, now restored to its correct orientation, would have originally been a hand-coloured photograph posed for in a studio around 1900. This […]

IT problems have struck and there will be intermittent problems here this coming week, which you may or may not notice. Good news, RH Humphries over at Woody’s has given the A Voice in the Corner Blog and award, so thanks Mr Humphries. Also a well-wisher contacted me to say that she had just read […]



‘Peace for our time’ the Prime Minister had said only a few months before, Virginian reflected as the wreath of red was laid at the memorial. There was another war in her youth. The war to end all wars, they had said. As she watched the gathering red, she smiled bitterly, remembering that summer of […]