Caning at court


16 century caningThe figure above, possibly a king, looks rather like Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). He was a man with a strong sense of justice from a part of the world where the chastisement of women has a long and continuing tradition.

It is not clear if this is indeed the case or if the illustration is real and not shopped in some way by someone of our persuasion. The bucket of birches rather suggests that it is genuine.

From the style of dress the court is definitely one from the late 16th century and the hairstyle of the woman suggests that she is a central European noblewoman or even perhaps the man’s queen.

The gentleman to the right in red is almost certainly a cardinal, which does support a Bohemian setting, as does the cityscape, which although Rome-like is also similar to Prague or early modern Budapest.

If it is Rome, then the man is probably the Pope, although which one is unclear.

How this painting ended up in the archive or where it is from originally is a mystery. But it seems  a worthy enough post for today so enjoy.

22 Responses to “Caning at court”

  1. 1 cindy2

    I would think that this image was shopped in some way. I rather doubt that the miscreant would have been positioned, her bottom bared for all to see, even if religious flagellation were to have occurred. Also, the woman kneeling with her hands pressed together as in prayer and the man with his outstretched hands suggest that this may originally have been a painting of religious significance. My thought is that this image has been shopped by “someone of our persuasion.”

    • 2 DJ

      I think you are right it is fanciful and could easily be shopped – but just because it is a fantasy doesn’t mean it is a photoshop era fantasy.

      What makes me doubt it – is not the hair or the nudity – but the fact that she is too near to the king/doge/pope with the cane for him to get a swing in.

  2. This is clearly shopped. The lighting and style of the miscreant is obviously not the original artist. Her hair does not fit the era, not to mention the fact that she is missing her calves and feet.

    • 4 DJ

      Calves and feet are covered by the dress which is draped at her knees. and disagree about the hair.

      But you may still be right that it is shopped – I go 50-50 on that. 😉

  3. 5 dmd

    That is Venice, in The Doge’s Palace.

  4. 7 DJ

    Not found anything on the Doge and spanking even in fantasy – but it is consistent with the court scene and the cityscape..

  5. 8 Errinn

    I couldn’t find the version you posted anywhere else. The original painting is by Francesco Hayez. As far as I can tell, the scene is set in 1456 or 1457. This painting can be found on a number of sites. Here is a link to one of them

    • 9 DJ

      Thanks Erin.

      Actually Kia emailed me with the same info.

      Francesco Hayez – The last interview of Jacopo Foscari with his family (The Two Foscari) – 1838-40 – Collection Cariplo Foundation – Galleries of Italy – Piazza Scala – Milan

      so definitely shopped then 😉

  6. 10 cindy2

    Sex is a theme of art and as it turns out punishment is also a theme. Otherwise people with artistic talent would not devote so much time creating the art and those of us (like me) who don’t have the talent but wish we did would not spend so much time salivating over it.

  7. One might debate the setting of this beautiful spanking scene. But their in no debate that it is sexually erotic. The naughty madam is certainly of nobility. And the caning she is receiving on her bare bottom, is possibly one for breaking a religious rule. I am sure she received a dozen or more strokes with this pliable swishing corporal punishment implement.

    • hello to all.
      I am the author ‘s fake.
      The work is very old dating back to 1998, when the screen resolution, it was still 640×480 for this is very degraded.
      The punished girl, is taken from a drawing in B / W and colorized by me.
      I removed [some of the inappropriate figures.] – Ed
      I also changed the face of the girl praying with folded hands, with a face drawn from an impressionist painting.
      I have done many other works of this kind, if you are interested you can find me here.

      • 14 DJ

        Hi Danhang,

        thanks for the heads up – I have come across your work before – you are something of a legend and a pioneer. 🙂

        Sorry I edited your comment – it innocently contained words that could get taken out of context by a search engine. 😐

  8. Thanks DJ.
    really, I think I was the first to transform the famous paintings, in paintings with spanking content.
    Thanks for making me reflect on the words, the stupid search engines can misunderstand. This is a problem that I had never thought of.
    I authorize you to use my other drawings, to comment on your stories, without having to ask permission.

    • 16 DJ

      Hi Danhang,

      thank you very much – that is very nice of you. 🙂

      As for word use – in the current climate – I think one can never be too paranoid. 😦

      But I totally agree with your position.

      all the best and thanks again


  9. Thanks for the stories first time here my wife wants me to spank her hard but I am scared I will hurt her.

    • 18 DJ

      Go slowly – try things in sets – six then 12 then 18 etc

      build up slowly – if she is asking then it is ok and she won’t break.

      There are plenty of things you can read as to technique. Try emailing people like Dallas or visiting spanking model blogs for more advice.

  10. 19 Jay smellord

    That’s definitely the doge of Venice you can tell from the hat.

  11. I completed a version of the same picture in high resolution.
    If webmaster so desire, I can send a copy.

  12. I sent the email you have received?

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