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These two pictures were supplied by TipTopper. The first is from the 1920s or possibly early 1930s. It is interesting as it appears to show a genuine school room of the time, although the young lady awaiting chastisement is clearly pats school age. It looks like an early example of amateur erotica and one can […]

Image hunting, saw a very sore bottom and checked it out. This led to a whole trail of anecdotes, mostly off-topic, about unfortunate and embarrassing sunburn. Given the obvious pun on tanned and sore and sticking with it, this little snippet turned up. “1976 was a very hot year in England and it happened to […]

Weekly Round-Up


The picture was found on About Spankings which has a nice little run of good images this week. And while we are on about nice little runs, British Spanking Magazines, which was quiet for so long has a run of stories again this week. There are a couple of offerings from Nicholas Holland and a […]

The issue that just won’t go away it seems. A sassy sorority girl revelling in the name of Blister Sister, saw the top picture, posted here some time ago and sent the next three pictures in. The last two have been seen before somewhere, but they do illustrate that paddling does go on, as if […]

Back to Black


Martha dropped a line to say that a much neglected area of spanking culture is spanking among black people. “I got whopped, we called it, right up to 22 and I’m not 35 yet, so I’m not talking the middle ages here, if you know what I mean. It was embarrassing and meant to be, […]

“Okay let me see if I have got this right,” Laura Carmichael said after a very deep breath, “My uncle, Dean Latimer, my late uncle… I mean he is dead and this not some joke?” Laura frowned and paused to gather her thoughts again before continuing, as the lawyer leaned forward linked his hands in […]

Here are few new pictures from TipTopper. This time on a largely marital M/F theme.

Weekly Round-up


As promised a quick round-up of some things that have grabbed the eye this week. My access to a interweb device has been restricted this week; you should try it. The first picture was taken from Cutiepie. Dave Wolfe has a mystery movie spanking picture from yesteryear. Maybe you know what movie it is from. […]

Hopefully there will be a round-up tomorrow as the view looks rather like this today.

Tip Top images


Here are three images from yesteryear supplied by TipTopper. The artist is Trudy and the theme is mother daughter action. According to occasional feedback, one or two people hate this scenario, maybe it is too close to home or not exotic enough?