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Inspired by theatrical spanking posts over at the Spank Statement I did some futile digging into stage incidents of our favourite subject. It wasn’t entirely fruitful and I only turned up one play that was described but not named. I am only sure that it is a real play because it was later turned into […]

Much has been written about stage spankings, but so often little attention has been given to the tradition of backstage spanking traditions and similar escapades at showbiz parties. Leading ladies and chorus girls were often spanked to bring the production luck, especially if they were new to the cast. New chorus girls were sometimes hazed […]

Recently, a convoluted journey through interwar years in search of spanking history in cultures as diverse as flappers, college girls and the theatre, has thrown up several random snippets. For instance, following up a chance spanking reference on a recent TV documentary about the theatre in England and the sometimes rather rugged accommodation performers had […]

Spanking has always been more common on the theatre stage than anywhere else in the performing arts. Back in the 1920s and 30s the London stage was positively awash with spanking scenes in plays. Even today many Avant-garde productions (for example spanking Shakespeare) will include a scene to get noticed. Now there may be a […]