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Recently, a convoluted journey through interwar years in search of spanking history in cultures as diverse as flappers, college girls and the theatre, has thrown up several random snippets. For instance, following up a chance spanking reference on a recent TV documentary about the theatre in England and the sometimes rather rugged accommodation performers had […]

The picture top above is an often seen alleged publicity still of 20-year-old actress and singer, Ann-Margaret being spanked. However, thanks to TipTopper we can now reveal the back story was far from a prank for poor Miss Margaret. Back in 1962, when she was 21-year-old, she revealed in a radio interview feature, Ask the […]

Many of you will have seen references to Michael Winterbottom’s movie, The Killer Inside Me, throughout the blogosphere. Many have heralded it as an example of how spanking is returning to the mainstream. However, this beautiful shot and well-acted movie does the spanking community no favours. The opening scene is promising. Casey Affleck, our ‘hero’ […]

This is an excerpt of an article found here. This is just some of the pictures, there are many others. Much of the article is a rant and it is not clear who the author is, except that he is into spanking. In the original Ian Fleming novel about Tatiana that comes “From Russia with […]

In the post (first world) war period women were freer than they ever had been before but not everyone approved of their ‘wild’ behaviour. These women became known as Flappers. Here is an encyclopaedia definition of a Flapper. The term flapper in the 1920s referred to a ‘new breed’ of young women who wore short […]