1940s beach spanking


1940s beach spankingNot sure where this seasonal vintage spanking picture came from. The girl is enduring a public spanking on the beach with a flipper in front of her friends. What she has done, no one knows, but the on-looking male has a very grim set to his body while the girl is not sure if she is next.

The most likely scenario is that he is the boyfriend and he is spanking her for being immodestly dressed for the time.

11 Responses to “1940s beach spanking”

  1. 1 George

    Over her swimmin suit!

  2. 3 Old Tom

    Don’t like disagreeing with the great man but to me it looks like a bit of fun that has ben posed. It isn’t a casual shot.

    • 4 DJ

      looks like it 🙂

      I wasn’t suggesting is was real – my speculation was in fun – but she does look slightly reluctant.

  3. 5 Karen

    A great spanking implement lol…

  4. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to listen to “Rock Lobster”?

  5. I am reasonably certain it first appeared in Your Romance, or one of its sister magazines, Thrilling Confessions, or Marriage and Love Confessions as the illustration of a story about a spoiled girl who finds true love after being spanked. These mags tended to run such stories every 3 or 4 months in addition to the delicious Pats and Peeves column in which various females wrote in to complain or brag about the spankings they got from fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts, neighbors or passer-byes.

    • 8 tiptopper

      As Steve Richardson said it does have that romance magazine look about it but the dimensions seem wrong. The story pictures in those magazines were generally considerably shorter than they were wide. That was because they had to have room vertically for a title above the picture and the start of the story below. This picture would take up the whole page. Of course this could be an exception.

  6. Who wears DRESS shoes to the BEACH!? If you are going to set up a picture at least have the guy wear shorts and sandals,amateurs!

  7. 10 DJ

    Hey thanks guys.

    It is interesting that a single picture provokes more comment that a thousand words. I guess that’s what they call audience participation. 🙂

  8. 11 krindleman

    pic came from the mag “your romance” which every month featured the famous pats and peeves column reader wrote in about spanking experiences

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