Weekly Round-up


girl canedSwedish maidThe first picture above was taken from Aus Fils Des Jours and the second from Yeowch.

Interestingly enough when first looking at this week’s offerings it rather looked like a poor show, but when added up it seems to have been a rather good week in the blogosphere.

Let’s begin with a relatively new blog by Karen called Warm Glow. Today she is championing no panty day, which Miley Cyrus seems to have taken to heart. Given that Karen is from Sussex and is blatantly using Americanisms, both Miley and her she should be soundly spanked.

Yesterday Blossom and Thorn did a rather nice photo-spread feature on the humble hairbrush. Let’s hope you young ladies out there don’t have a hair out of place, because if you do you know where to go for help. Also Cutiepie featured a broken paddle from a birthday spanking. Not such fun for someone.

On Monday Woody revamped his blog so head over and check it out, he is after some feedback. On the same day Poppy St Vincent, who featured here last week with some excellent fiction, began an excellent run of fantasy features by extending her usual Fantasy Monday to a fantasy every day of the week.

Also making another return is British Spanking Magazines which has published an old Janus story concerning three princesses and a dragon, a personal favourite from the old days; and also a story about a punished WREN, a subject that has oft featured on this blog.

Devlin O’Neil had the distinction of publishing two posts in one day on Tuesday and since one of them was a classic nude shot of Marilyn Monroe, it is definitely worth a mention.

Imagine the Stories, which has been a bit sluggish in posting lately, has published an extra-long chapter of the Picket Family story.

Another blog which is shaping up nicely is Less Than Three. It has stories and a blog, among other things, so if you haven’t caught up with it yet, now is your chance.

Last but not least the Spanking Spot has a few good pictures and features this week.

Before we end for today, does anyone know how to fix a sticky mouse? This Dell USB optical mouse keeps jamming and it could actually cause yours truly’s head to explode.

More next week.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. The story in Janus was the one I rewrote from memory as “A Fairy Tale”. I had lost the story but liked it so much that I tried to replicate the essential plot. I’m glad to see the original resurface.

  2. Get rid of your Dell mouse and buy a Logitech if at all possible! I have gone through several mice over the years and LOVE my Logitech M305 best of all of them! Low profile USB so you aren’t smacking it all the time,plus they come in all sorts of cool colours and patterns. I swear my pink one has the silhouette of a young nubile naked bent back young lady on it,oh and I am a girl so I should know! 😉

    • 3 tiptopper

      About the mouse. Call Dell technical support. I have a Dell printer and have used them several times in the past. You get somebody in India and they can usually fix the problem but you may have to spend a half hour on the phone while they try various things. Sometimes they have you log on to their site and they take over control of your computer and fix it internally.

  3. 4 DJ

    Rollin – yes I remember you wrote that and I knew which story you meant at the time.

    Scunge – I have ordered a new non-Dell mouse but I suspect its not a hardware problem – it happened after a standard update of drivers etc so

    TT – if the new mouse doesn’t solve it – I will phone Dell 😉


  4. 5 Ana

    I am immaturely giggling at you mistyping “first” as “fist”. 😉

  5. I HATE Dell! When they were based in the States it was bad enough but now that they outsource YUCK! I have never owned a Dell product and never will.

    • How I love a naughty woman wearing ‘directoire knicker’s, being taken down for a good spanking. Yes, this sexual erotic old-fashioned underwear when taken off her bottom is pure enjoyment. Thank you for showing it.

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