Old Time Landladies


land landy with a switch circa 1920The picture above was entitled a ‘landlady with a switch circa 1920.’ It doesn’t seem like the usual posed for saucy postcard of the era, for one thing it appears to have been photographed outside. It doesn’t mean it is genuine of course but it does put one in mind of the Everston girls from the same era.

There were several references to landladies spanking their young female talent on the now sadly defunct Taste of Birch (AKA Alex Chatting Place).

The comment below was taken of this very blog from two years ago when Kay wrote:

While I was at college I got spanked and caned by my landlady during the 1960s.

This was in Manchester and was quite common I believe. I know for a fact that two of my girlfriends had similar experiences.

Doubt if it happens now but it would be interesting to know how recently this happened.

So doing some digging into this very subject chanced upon these little anecdotes from the Experience Project:

Back in the seventies I was a travelling salesman, my patch being the midlands, I had to travel in and out of Birmingham and as far north as Hull. It didn’t do much for any sort of stable relationship, so for sex I had to rely upon the sort of encounters depicted in Get Carter.

In those days most of the landladies were lone widows or single parents trying to scrape a living and they were usually as keen on uncomplicated sex as some of their borders.

I remember at one particular guest house the landlady had a very attractive 19-year-old fellow border, a cut above my usual conquest I can tell you. I remember that I was getting the come on from both the tenant and the landlady and needless to say I held out for the younger of the two.

Sure enough, sometime after lights out, there was a knock on my door and the girl came in dressed, if I can call it that, in a flimsy negligée. We hadn’t got far into our amorous encounter when there was another knock at the door.

The girl was suddenly very nervous and tried to hide under the bed. She wasn’t quick enough, because the door opened and an irate landlady burst in and went off her head. At first I thought that she was angry with me and I was about to be kicked out, but instead she went for the girl who was dragged kicking and bawling back to her room half naked.

Following at a careful distance I saw the girl put across the landlady’s knee and soundly spanked on her bare bottom. I watched the whole thing until it was over, by which time the girl was a very contrite bawling mess. Seeing me watching the landlady said something like, “never mind about her, she is used to it from me, such a handful that girl.”

The next morning the girl couldn’t look me in the eye. I am pleased to say that the landlady never held it against me and I stayed there many times after that. I gather that she treated all her young lady guests with the same firm hand and witnessed several more such incidents.

Then there is this. Ms RNR wrote:

When I was 17 to 19 I went to school in a different town and had to live away from home for the first time.  I stayed with several different landladies who were recommended from the school.

I guess I was a normal teen, a bit awkward, mouthy and pretty lazy, maybe a little young for my age.  Away from home I probably behaved worse than I did when I had my mother breathing down my neck all the time. Looking back I was a bit of a pain to have around.

I got yelled at regularly by my landlady, late in, late for meals, room in a mess, rude, backchat, you can imagine. I remember she used to send me to my room, to study, when she reached boiling point but that was all. Except one time.

I had been winding Mrs Hicks up even worse than normal and it ended with me swearing at her and walking out of the kitchen slamming the door making a cup fall off the counter and breaking. Well she came after me as I went up to my bedroom. She sat on the bed, grabbed me and pulled me across her knee.

Although I tried not to upset her after that, it was near the holidays and she said I better find somewhere else. I was really sorry as I liked her and was comfortable in the house.  I sometimes wished she had been a bit stricter with me. If she had spanked me properly when I first started pushing things we might have got on better and maybe I could have stayed longer with her.

Now as I get older I can’t forget and find situations where a teen is spanked by someone other than their parents get to me. It might be a landlady like it was then, or maybe a young girl working as an au pair or perhaps an exchange student.

Anyway that’s my story and I often wonder if I am the only one with this experience.

8 Responses to “Old Time Landladies”

  1. I had a handsome policeman as a landlord once, but other than pulling me over in my car to tease me once, he wasn’t anything to compare to the landladies above. 🙂 He was a bit of a fantasy for a while, however…

  2. 2 Old Tom

    Landladies were a rum lot no doubt and usually very close with everything. One I knew used to ration toilet paper but never did I come across one who spanked female lodgers. Great shame the things i have missed out in my life mount every time i read this blog!

  3. 3 paul1510

    I spent about four years lodging in furnished rooms.
    In one house which had four floors, there were men and woman, the men on the first and the women on the third, the landlady on the third, to my young eyes the landlady was a right old dragon.
    But I never heard about anyone being spanked, much to my sorrow, this was the late forties early fifties.

  4. I would set this picture in the 40’s or 50’s judging from the style and length of dress, hairstyles and paneling.

  5. 5 DJ

    Fashion changes with regard to clothes and discipline and as always we focus on the unusual rather than what might be usual. But who really knows what went on. News stories appeared from the 1890s supporting such behaviour – but I would guess norminally most young ladies wouldn’t shout about it.

    As for the clothes – I rather think it is late 20s or 1930s. The paneling is consistent with an earlier period and doesn’t help. Although – it could be 1940s I agree – not sure it is the 1950s though. The quality and style of photo rather makes that unlikely – which is why I I think 1930s is more likely.

    On the other hand – if the picture is genuine (which I doubt) and not staged – then a later snap camera does seem more likely.

    Its not essential to the snippets as it is not directly related. 🙂

    • 6 tiptopper

      I agree with DJ that it is probably late 1920’s or early 1930’s based on the hairstyles and clothing. I doubt if it is later than that as the girl appears to be wearing silk stockings which were replaced by nylons in the mid 30’s.

      By way, that is when women first started shaving their legs as flattened hair didn’t look good when seen through transparent nylons.

      • Tiptopper, interesting info that I had never known or considered. So up until the mid 1930’s women had hairy legs?

  6. 8 tiptopper


    Right. Women’s body hair has been disappearing because of fashion.

    About 1915 women started wearing sleeveless dresses and that’s when women started shaving their underarms. This was aided by the Gilette Razor Co. that ran an ad campaign saying that that was more feminine.

    In the mid 30’s they started shaving legs because that looked better in nylons.

    About 50 years later they started triming and then compleatly shaving pubic hair because of skimpy swimsuits and because of the influence of porn stars who shaved to give men a better look at their vulvas.

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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