Just you wait


spanked blondesore and sorrysore“Just you wait until your father gets home young lady,” Aunt Rachel scolded.

Rachel didn’t even bother to look up from her make-up as she spoke. In fact she barely paid any mind to what she was saying, being more concerned with whether or not her lipstick would match or clash with her long reddish auburn hair.

“He’s not my father, he’s not anyone’s father. He’s just the guy my Dad left in charge of me,” Susie said with a pout. “And anyway, what did I do?”

Not only was Edward St John not her father, Aunt Rachel wasn’t exactly her aunt either. She wasn’t even old enough to be her aunt. It was such a drag that she was driven from pillar to post by two adults who were not even blood relations.

“What did you… well of all the nerve,” Rachel exclaimed giving Susie her full attention. “You came in smelling of drink and alcohol on a school night at half past midnight.”

“It was only quarter past,” Susie protested, but she was chewing her bottom lip now. She hadn’t realised that anyone had noticed. “Besides, I’m 20 now,” she continued.

“Are you sassing me?” Rachel snapped.

Why shouldn’t I sass you? She thought bitterly. You are only 16 years older than me. Just because you’re Jane’s cousin… but the words did not pass her lips. Instead she said, “No.”

The sullenness in her voice drew a scowl from Rachel, but not for long, as she quickly returned to her hand mirror.

“Go to your room,” Rachel said half-heartedly as she kissed the air and turned her head to one side for a better view in the glass.

Susie glanced at the front door and freedom, but thought better of fleeing. If Rachel told on her… she didn’t finish that thought. Edward St John was less of a pain than Aunt Rachel, but you didn’t cross him.

With a flounce of her blonde shoulder-length hair Susie trudged away in something approaching a stomp and went upstairs.

Jane was sitting on her bed with her door open reading a book. She had the same auburn hair as her cousin Rachel, although it was cut to a bob, but there the resemblance ended. Both were pretty, Susie guessed, but where Rachel’s features were sharp, Jane was kindly and more rounded.

“You had another run in with Aunt Rachel?” Jane asked; the book now hugged to her chest.

“She’s not my aunt,” Susie said sullenly, “She’s not yours either come to that.”

Jane shrugged. “It’s just a family tradition. I mean she is a bit older than me.”

“You’re a bit older than me and you’re my cousin too, but I don’t call you aunt,” Susie countered.

“It’s my mother’s side of the family, they are just… old-fashioned,” Jane crinkled up her nose. It made no sense to her either, but it was easier to accept. If Susie wasn’t so immature she would see that.

“But why does she have to live with us? It’s not fair.” Susie was pouting again.

“She has nowhere else to go. Like you. Like me, come to that,” Jane said impatiently. “It was kind of Edward to take us all in.”

“Yes I know, but…” Susie rolled her eyes up. “Why do have to call him father?”

“Well you don’t. Not really. You know that, but… well he is your legal guardian until you turn 21. Rachel is just…” Jane didn’t finish. The hypocrisy was too much even for her. Her ‘Aunt’ Rachel was a pain and in her own way, every bit as immature as Susie.

“I know,” Susie said quietly.

“What’s up?” Jane asked, although she would have preferred to get on with her book.

“I was kind of out late last night and I had college today.” Susie sucked in her cheeks and looked off to the side so as not to meet Jane’s eyes.

“Oh,” Jane said forming a perfect circle with her mouth. “Poor you. Good luck with that.”

“You don’t think…?” Susie didn’t say anymore.

“What? He’ll spank you? What do you think?” Jane shrugged.

“It’s not fair,” Susie said, stamping her foot again.

“You really have no one to blame but yourself,” Jane sighed.


Edward St John was neither tall nor short, although his barrel-chest and heavy arms and shoulders conveyed a sense of physical power. Not that there was anything threatening in his demeanour; coupled with his rasp–short salt and pepper hair, his large frame chiefly suggested authority.

When he smiled, his light blue eyes crinkled at the corners and seemed to twinkle mischievously, at once conveying the sense that he missed nothing and he would take care of any problems.

On a good day, despite her protests to the contrary, Susie felt shy in a good way in his company, often feeling that Edward was on her side when Aunt Rachel was nagging her.

On a bad day, when he was cross with her, she felt shaky and wanted to hide.

Today was a bad day.

Edward stood at the door to Susie’s room and gave a heavy sigh so that she averted her eyes and fixed then on her knees where she sat on her bed.

“I thought we had a deal,” he said, sounding more disappointed than anything.

“I know but…” Susie began.

“But?” He cocked an eyebrow and dared her to continue with her eyes.

“Nothing Sir,” she whispered. She suppressed the urge to say ‘Daddy,’ although the word forced its way into her mind as it always did at times like this.

“Nothing Sir is it?” He sighed. “Well you know what happens now?”

“Yes Sir.” She bit her lower lip and gave him a sad look.

Edward sat down next to her and gave the dressing table a significant look until she got reluctantly to her feet and crossed the room to pick up her hairbrush. It felt like a snake in her hand and she was almost relieved to hand it to him.

As he took it she submissively leaned into him until he tipped her over his knee where she snuggled into his lap.

“You silly girl,” he said softly.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

He paused for a moment, as if reluctant to continue, and then he reached down and flipped up her skirt. It was too short for her, he thought, and made her look girlish and far younger than 20, but the brief underwear that barely contained her expressive bottom and countermanded that lie.

She was trembling like a puppy now and fixed her gaze on a single spot on the opposite wall. She hated to have to take down her own knickers and hoped he wouldn’t ask her to. He didn’t.

Susie felt the flimsy cotton dragged over the cheeks of her bottom and down her thighs and she both thrilled and shuddered at the exposure, even as he patted her naked flesh with the flat side of the brush.

“Since last time didn’t take I am going to give you a sound spanking you’ll remember. If you can’t sit down for a week, then I won’t be surprised,” he growled.

She tried to think of something to say, but her mind was blank and then an age seemed to pass before he struck.

The first spank took her breath and by the time she regained it a dozen rapid spanks later, she was panting like an eager spaniel. The burn that infused her bottom hung on the edge of being bearable for a moment or two longer and then she began to whimper like a lost dog.

Edward could see that her normally crisp white bottom now held a bright tang of red, but he had barely started.

“Oh Sir, please Sir,” she managed, before chuckling into sobs as the sting crossed into unbearable and she was lost to tears.

The spanking lasted long past the time it took Rachel to casually climb the stairs. No one was fooled by her casual passing and she was usually on hand to stand witness in the doorway at such times. It was fun to watch Susie as she struggled not to kick and bawl like a baby. Also the astonishing shade of red of her bottom was always a treat.

This time the spanking went on and on. Well, the girl had been warned, Rachel thought as she pursed her lips to hide her smile. It went on so long that even Jane got up from her book and came to the door, a look of concern touching her face. She knew better to intervene, but even so.

“Oh, oh, please Sir, a-hoo,” Susie wailed through broken sobs; she was struggling now.

“Did you think I was joking last time?” Edward barked, “Did you think there would be no consequences? Did you think at all?”

“That’s it, you show her,” Rachel gasped, barely containing her excitement now.

“Edward, maybe…” Jane began hesitantly.

Susie’s bottom was purplish now, with a dusting of white distress marks around the welted doughnuts on the crowns.

“Are you telling me my business?” Edward stopped abruptly.

“No I… but Edward…” Jane was flustered. She knew better. She had certainly known Edward long enough.

Susie squirmed on his lap as she hiccoughed sobs; barely aware that the spanking had paused.

“There has been too much flouting of authority lately,” Edward snapped. “Where were you last night?”

“I… I was… I was only 10 minutes late,” Jane said nervously.

“More like 20,” Rachel put in with a smirk.

“And the night before?” Edward growled.

“I had to…”

“See what I mean. What kind of example is that to set?” Edward countered as he resumed the spanking. “I told you all often enough, rules are rules and they need to be observed if we are going to make this work.”

“And what about you?” Jane countered. “You came back late enough on Saturday. And what was that song you were singing?”

It was rare bravado on Jane’s part and it usually went without consequence, well not publically. Not since her college days anyway.

Edward spanked on for another two or three minutes as if he hadn’t heard and then he abruptly set Susie on her feet.

“Get to that corner,” he growled.

Susie didn’t know what way was up and stood clawing at her behind.

“Out,” Edward bellowed, sending Susie into the hall to face the wall by the corner of the turn to the upstairs landing.

She made no attempt to cover her bottom as scurried away, she knew better, and her knickers stayed firmly at her ankles as she struggled to bring her sobbing under control.

Jane stared after her blushing until Susie had taken her place, before looking back at Edward. He was crooking his finger at her, beckoning.

“Oh come on…” Jane wailed.

“I think it has been too long since you had a decent spanking,” Edward said pointedly.

“But…” Jane swallowed. She was going to say, ‘but I’m 28,’ but she knew it wouldn’t save her. Edward had spanked her often enough; only not usually when others were around.

“I suggest you come here,” Edward said with a hint of menace.

Jane threw a look at Rachel who was grinning broadly and hugging herself in delight.

“Please Edward, not here,” Jane wailed, but her feet carried her forward until she reached where he was still sitting on Susie’s bed.

While Rachel looked on she was pulled across his lap and quickly denuded below the waist with only a token struggle.

“I ought to send you for your own hairbrush,” Edward said, letting the implication sink in for Rachel’s benefit.

“Edward please,” Jane whispered. “This is sooo embarrassing.”

The spanking began at once and quickly established itself as a rerun of Susie’s.

“You can’t do this, I’m 28,” Jane growled bitterly through her teeth.

“Oh dear,” Rachel teased, “A girl is never too old for a spanking.”

The reminder that Rachel was there caused tears to assail Jane’s eyes.

“You want to make any more cracks about me on Saturday night?” Edward asked.

“No please,” Jane wailed.

“Do you want to start setting a better example to your cousin?”

“Yesss,” Jane hissed.

Her darker complexion took a heavy stain, but Edward would not be defeated, he spanked Jane’s heavier rounder bottom far longer than he had Susie, until she was quite certain she was sorry and in full retreat.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she wailed in mantra.

“That’s the way,” Rachel giggled.

“Alright, go and stand next to Susie,” Edward said at last.

Jane stood up carefully, panting sobs and massaging her bottom. She did a quick stiff-legged dance, before she remembered Rachel was watching and brought herself under control. Then with all the dignity she could manage, she limped out onto the landing and took her place next to Susie. Once there the damn broke and she started a fresh round of tears.

“That’s the way,” Rachel said with glee.

“You don’t think 28 is too old then?” Edward asked breathing heavily like a man with too much labour.

“No I don’t; it will do the girl good,” Rachel chuckled.

“Really.” Edward nodded thoughtfully. “And what about 36?”

The smile vanished abruptly from Rachel’s face.

“You look like you are off out somewhere. Again,” Edward said pointedly. “What time did you get in last night?”

“I… That’s none of your business,” Rachel bristled.

“Perhaps I should make it my business,” Edward said standing up and advancing on Rachel.

“Now come on,” Rachel said, backing away. “You can’t mean to…”

“I have had enough of your carping and snide remarks. If you put half as much energy into giving Susie some guidance as you do on your make-up then maybe she would need less spanking,” Edward said pointedly.

“Well of all the…”

“Come here,” Edward said in a bored voice, dragging Rachel towards him and tipping her across his knee. “Maybe next time I have to spank Susie I’ll spank you as well for good measure.”

“Edward, no, please Edward…” Rachel squealed as she felt her skirts bundled up and her knickers joining her shoes.

In the event, Rachel could handle far less than Susie and Jane, although she perhaps deserved both what they had combined, but her childish bawling hurt his ears and she was so contrite when he made her ask him, ‘oh so nicely,’ to stop.

“Now say, ‘please Edward, may I go to the corner,’” Edward prompted her, adding, “Uh-huh, the knickers stay down and the skirts up.”

“Please Edward, the girls,” Rachel sobbed.

“I see,” Edward sighed, picking up the brush again.

“Nooo, nooo, nooo,” Rachel said in panic. “Please Edward, may I go to the corner.”

“Of course you may,” Rachel said in grim satisfaction as he watched her hasten to join the others. “And Rachel, make sure I can see your bottom for the duration, or we will begin over.”

“Yes Edward,” Rachel sobbed.

“Now maybe in an hour or so I’ll think about sending you all to bed,” Edward said as he went to go back down stairs.

“Yes Sir,” the three girls chirruped altogether.


6 Responses to “Just you wait”

  1. Of course 28 is never too old.
    Good job, there still are serious men.

  2. 2 Karen

    I would love to receive a spanking,like that…lol…Great story,thank you for sharing x

  3. 3 paul1510

    now that’s what I like to see, a properly run household. 😀

    • 4 Pearl

      Properly run? That was over the top! Obviously you wouldn’t know a properly run household if it smacked you in the face!

  4. 5 kaki

    I can’t imagine having a bottom that red on either picture. yeowch! 😯

  5. 6 DJ

    Looks like half the audience is envious and the other half a little wide-eyed. 😉

    Guess that’s how it should be. 🙂

    Karen – maybe should be careful what you wish for – Kaki seems more cautious than you. 😉


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