The curious case of the spanking Asians


man paddling girl in a fieldgirl paddling or switching a girl in a fieldNow these pictures, along with a few others, were found on a foreign language forum labelled 1970s sorority hazing. There was little discernible other information and which country it’s from is a mystery.

A little research revealed that US style sororities are active in the Philippines and other American influenced nations.

Now the pictures don’t really look like sorority pictures, for one thing there are men taking part and the women appeared equipped to work in the fields. These two pictures were only ones with actual spanking in them so the others were foolishly left and now can’t be found.

There was a chance reference to seasonal workers in the Philippines and the practice of hazing them with switches on their first day. Also one woman wrote briefly of going to work on her grandmother’s plantation after leaving school while waiting to get married. She said that when she misbehaved her grandmother would switch her bare bottom in the tool shed.

“It was nothing personal, other girls my age who worked for Granny were also punished like this,” she reports.

Maybe the latter account has nothing to do with it and these are indeed sorority girls on a field trip, but in any case you might as well see them.

4 Responses to “The curious case of the spanking Asians”

  1. 1 George

    Any place, any time, fair and effective DD is badly needed 😉

  2. 2 Samantha

    if the “foreign language” forum was in Tagalog or Cebuano i can possibly assist with translating it if you need more information there. it almost certainly is from the Philippines and looks like the 70’s or possibly early 80’s.

    • 3 DJ

      Thanks – if I ever find it again I’ll try that. The problem was it was not in Roman script so I didn’t know what it was – so ipso facto I didn’t know if it was Tag or Cebuano.

      But the fact that you think it was the Phillipines supports what I thought and fits.

      So thank you.

  1. 1

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