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Vintage Sunday


“They didn’t have the cane when you were at school?” Erin asked the young woman pleasantly. “Well duh?” Karen Mayfield replied indolently, she was actually chewing gum. It was anybody’s guess what her natural hair colour was, at the moment it was a scraped back chemical red with white bleached streaks. Most of Erin’s participants […]

Old School


Kimberly was bored. A trip to the charity shop had been fun, but there was only so much vintage clothing a girl could buy. Not that they didn’t have some neat stuff, she thought admiring herself in the shop window. The woman looking back her was much younger and might be taken for a girl […]

Justice is swift. The house was tall and forbidding. The grubby yellow London Brick was detailed here and there with what once have been high status red edging. But it had been 50 years since its glory days and now the old school for the daughters of the gentlefolk was not what it was. Marcus […]

Vintage Sunday


The Dastard


She hadn’t done anything, well not much. That was the only thought that ran through Katie’s mind as she sat in handwringing confusion outside the housemaster’s study. It had been week’s since she had been in the slightest trouble, surely that would count for something. Katie heaved a heavy sigh and turned her lip-chewed face […]

Vintage Sunday


The acrid smell of old wood and wax polish assailed her nose and she was immediately transported back. Even the maroon paint rising to shoulder height halfway up the magnolia painted corridor walls hadn’t changed. Amanda smiled affectionately and she straightened herself. Heels and toes, heels and toes; the mantra ran through her mind as […]

Hilary Cline had always been fascinated by her aunt’s alma mater. Set among the rolling woodland of New England, it had a proud tradition of educating women that went back to 1879.  It took its motto seriously;  respiciunt futura praeteritis ad honorem, which meant something like respect the past to honour the future, or maybe […]

TipTopper sent in the above picture and it put me in mind of a couple of related, but unconnected snippets I had. This was culled from a 1920s education review that I found on Google Reader some time ago. Catherine C wrote: “…An education revolution it has been said, but I can tell you our […]