Vintage spanking pictures and another world


spanking and smokingspanking overdraftdaughter mother spanking threatThe three pictures above were sent in by TipTopper.

The first two are interesting in themselves as they haven’t been seen so often, but they all belong to another time if not another world.

For one thing the first picture is making a joke that is hard to follow for us now and has an apparently positive image about smoking. Nevertheless it is sexy and light and is the best of the three.

The second is odd to us because apart from his leer and the casual sexism of the picture, it is either trivialising a serious criminal offence or it is making a moralistic point about what today we might consider commonplace. The girl is well drawn (as you might expect from Bill Ward) but there is a sense that her earnings may have come from a dubious source and that a spanking is the least of what she deserves given the morality of the time.

The third picture has been seen many times before and is no less creepy for that. Where does one begin, this cartoon is wrong on so many levels. There is also something decidedly odd about the women in the picture. Wasn’t the daughter an extra on the sci-fi horror show V?

5 Responses to “Vintage spanking pictures and another world”

  1. Perhaps the second cartoon would help to take customer’s minds off of Nat West’s recent failings LOL

    • 2 tiptopper

      You may use different terminology in the UK but in the US overdrawing an account simply meant that a person wrote a check for more money than was in their account. If the excess wasn’t too much the bank would pay the check and charge the customer a fine. Nothing illegal occured.

      The cartoon’s joke was that instead of a fine the customer would get a spanking, at least that is what would happen if the customer was an attractive young female.

      • 3 DJ

        No we don’t have different tech TT – that was my point. Now days this is no big deal – but back then it was either no big deal either or she was deliberately drawing on funds that she didn’t have ie was a naughty girl.

        My point was about the change of attitude. 😉

  2. 4

    Very Strict Mistress or Goddess as all the spanking power in her hands over all male slave

  1. 1 Personal Banker « Grumpy old fart!!!

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